Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Ad Hoc Honor Code Committee

2002-03 Annual Report

Submitted 5/17/03 by Kathleen V. Schreiber, Chair

2002-2003 Members
(elected by faculty senate)
K. Schreiber, Chair Geography
E. Rohena Special Education
S. Hoffman Elem. & Early Childhood Education
J. Craven English
J. George Library
E. Blazer Business
J. Mone Biology
C. Heintzelman Social Work
J. Bray School of Education

About 4 meetings were held in the fall semester, and 5 in the spring. In addition, due to the difficulty of getting a full body of members at meetings, much discussion was carried out by email. No formal minutes were taken at the meetings. Average attendance was about four members.

Motions forwarded to Senate:

Other deliberations/actions:
This year focused on 1) reconsidering the recommended honor code sanctions, and required reporting by students of observed violations of the honor code, 2) addressing potential overlap of the proposed honor system with the Student Code of Conduct, 3) communicating with APSCUF-MU on potential conflicts between the proposed academic honor system and APSCUF faculty rights and freedoms, 4) developing a plan for implementation of the proposed honor system, and 5) rewriting the present academic dishonesty brochures. All have been completed to date with the exception of items 3 and 5.

Matters currently in committee:
1) The Honor Code Committee is awaiting the APSCUF determination as to whether the proposed honor system represents a violation of faculty rights and freedoms. 2) The Honor Code Committee is in the process of rewriting of the present academic dishonesty brochures, at the recommendation of Associate Provost Carol Phillips.

Future Plans:
Meeting as necessary to address faculty/administrative concern for recommendation, which should be submitted within the next few months.

Additional Information Comments:

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