Millersville University, Faculty Senate

(Discussion Guide for Resource Implications)

  1. Is this a General education Course?

    1. Is this course a requirement or an elective for a departmental major or minor? If so, identify.

    2. If this course is required, how many sections will be offered to meet the needs of majors/minors during each semester?

    3. Identify the sequencing of how this course will be offered.

  2. How will offering this course affect the capacity of the department to offer other courses in General Education, if applicable, and other courses in the departmental majors and minors? What courses will not be offered (or will be offered less frequently) when this course is added to the department's course inventory?

  3. What is the proposed maximum enrollment for each class (section)? ____________

  4. What is the expected enrollment of this course (all sections) each year? _____________

  5. Is the enrollment restricted due to pedagogical or resource issues? If yes, explain.

  6. Does the addition of this course require students to increase or decrease the number of credits necessary in order to complete the major, minor or option? If yes, how many additional credits are required or eliminated? _________ What is the rationale for this increase/decrease?

  7. How does the addition of this course impact (positively or negatively) on other programs, departments, and units within the University? What discussions have occurred with the affected programs, departments or units?

  8. Will this course require additional faculty complement? If so, how much additional complement is needed? If not, how does the department plan to offer the revised program within existing complement?

  9. How will this change affect the departmental student-faculty ratio?

  10. What data have been used to support the proposed change(s) outlined above?

Attach a copy of the advising blue sheet, a DARS document, or other material that reflects the current and proposed revisions.

Note: These questions are designed to generate a discussion between the department and the dean to assist in the preparation of the Decanal Resource Analysis, which must accompany the proposal to Faculty Senate. Distribution of this document with the course or program proposal is appreciated.