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ART 133 Drawing: Introduces drawing as artistic expression as well as a form of nonverbal communication. Traditional and contemporary perspectives. Emphasis on original creative solutions to visual problems. Students explore artistic composition employing various drawing media and techniques. Includes criticism, analysis and evaluation. For both the non-art major and the art major. Offered in fall, spring and periodically in summer.
ART 142 2D Design: Introduces two-dimensional design and composition, applicable to all art forms, in which students seek original, creative solutions to problems. Design principles and methods are employed as students learn language and visual communications techniques. Artistic production, criticism, analysis and evaluation are central to this course. (For both non-art and art majors.) Offered in fall, spring.
ART 242 2D Design: Introduces visual composition as related to organizing and working with three-dimensional space. The student seeks original, creative solutions to visual problems by exploring methods and techniques. Covers fundamental visual grammar and principles. Offered in fall, spring. Prereq: ART 142.

ART 490 Professional Seminar Exhibit: An independent problem culminating in the development of a portfolio and exhibition of the student’s art work. The student is required to attend and participate in seminar activities for this course. Offered in spring. Prereq: Senior standing.
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Created by Millersville Graphic and Interactive Design Student Sara Beaver.