Deborah's most recent work consists of using the materials egyptian paste and steel. Her work falls within experimental ceramics in terms of materials and processes incorporating natural phenomena in the creative process. Her pieces are abstract and minimal by nature. She uses the firing process to her advantage by letting the pieces alter and change on their own and making a creative piece of work.

She had a ceramics solo exhibition at the Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum in Taipei, Taiwan in 2009. Her work suggests both natural and industrial processes between the materials and firing processes that she uses.


Artist Statement

Geometry of form and the bloom is the focus of my work for this exhibition. In "Flowers" the petals root themselves around a point giving me impetus to eliminate, simplify, rearrange and repeat them to develop an emphasis on the individual shapes as well as the spaces between them. We often distil our notion of a plant from the bloom, which is bold and beautiful, but most often short lived. With this work I create a bloom that suspends time. This work plays with balance through destabilization and symmetry by activating the negative space in its organization. In the "Whisps," I have isolated elements of "Flowers" rearranging them along an axis rather than a central point. The central linear element of each piece starts out straight and is altered during the firing process. Both of these bodies of work highlight the visual and physical relationships between the parts of a whole and then to that of the context of the entire piece. Intrinsically this work suggests both natural and industrial processes.




egyptian paste



Created by Millersville Graphic and Interactive Design Student Tracie Stambaugh.