Danish artist Line Bruntse, currently lives and works in Lancaster PA where she is an Assistant Professor of Sculpture at Millersville University. Her work is shown at numerous national and international venues. Her most recent exhibitions include 'DREAM' at Schrattenberg, Austria, a two person exhibit at O'Artoteca in Milan, a solo show at Stone Soup Gallery in Massachusetts, Fabbrica Del Vapore in Milan, and finally this fall at L'Oratorio di San Ludovica in Venice on the occasion of the Venice Biennale, 2009.


Direct Line
Direct Line is both a reflection on my response to the idea of what we loose today, and also a meaningful play on words.
Changing patterns of communication are evident in contemporary society, this is effecting a radical shift in the meaning of the space between people. Thus, the idea of 'touch' as an element of communication has been significantly altered. Mediated interaction renders obsolete actual, implied, metaphorical, or emotive 'touch' in interpersonal relations. My current installations explore this actively expanding space or void and the potential for meaning that exists within this almost tangible distance.

The distance that separates us as individuals is almost palpable to me. The space of communication between people previously intangible is now filled with 'virtual' littering of electronic information and filters… Our reliance upon indirect communication is depersonalizing our relations with other people to a certain extent where misunderstanding, miscommunication, and their consequences abound. The ‘real’ seems to become increasingly marginalized causing us to loose personal touch and the virtual is becoming a dominant aspect of our lives. My work poses the question whether we are becoming so ill-adapted to real life and direct social interaction, that our ability to form and maintain productive relationships necessary to a harmonious culture/society is affected. The apparent order and systematic structure dissolves into chaotic connections flowing every where rendering the actual order under he surface imperceptible.

My work reflects on feelings of being overwhelmed by the speed of communication, and subsequently our lives. Opportunities and connections may be gained through the possible speed of electronic, global communication but much is lost in the process as well. I urge the viewer to ask themselves these same questions.
Line Bruntse
Created by Millersville Graphic and Interactive Design Student Matthew Eggsware.