Professor Wolf
Explaining his philosophy on teaching, why he became a teacher and why he choose Millersville himself.

Upcoming Courses Offered
Professor Wolf is notorious for writing curriculum for new art history focuses. Just last year he offered a graduate level German Renaissance class focused on women as artists, nuns and witches. An exciting addition to his repertoire of classes. Currently, he is in the process of creating a cirriculum mainly on “Medieval Manuscript Illuminations.” A year from this fall, he hopes to have yet another class offered focused on “Late Antique: Early Christians in Rome.”


art 301: 3 s.h.
The Ancient World (g1)
A survey of Western painting and sculpture from the Paleolithic through the Hellenistic periods. Offered periodically.

art 302: 3 s.h.
The Italian Renaissance (g1)
A comprehensive analysis of painting and sculpture produced in Florence and Siena from the 13th through the 15th centuries. Offered periodically.

art 303: 3 s.h.
The 19th Century (g1)
A survey of European art of the 19th century. Offered periodically.

art 304: 3 s.h.
The 20th Century (g1, W)
The varied schools and styles of painting and sculpture in the 20th century. Offered periodically. Prereq: ENGL 110.

art 312: 3 s.h.
Survey of Art History (g1)
A general survey of the art of the Western World with emphasis on the nature of style, medium, aesthetic changes and continuity. Criticism, analysis
and evaluation of works of art related to their aesthetic worth and cultural significance are central to the course. Offered fall and spring.

art 313: 3 s.h.
Art in America (g1)
A comprehensive survey of 18th and 19th century American painting, concentrating on those influences and traditions that were significant in the
development of the art of the new world. Offered periodically.

art 403: 3 s.h.
Art History: the northern renaissance
An in-depth study of Flemish, Dutch, Bohemian and German painting from the 14th through 16th centuries. Offered periodically.

art 404: 3 s.h.
Contemporary movements in Art (g1, W) An in-depth study of the contemporary art scene including an exploration of its cultural and historical roots. Offered periodically. Prereq: ENGL 110.



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