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1. DVGA History
2. DVGA Speakers and Presentation Titles
3. DVGA Field Trips

1. DVGA History

The origin of the DVGA can be traced to a meeting, sometime during the 1963 Christmas holidays, when Cyrus J. Sharer introduced himself to J. Russell Smith at the latter's home in Swarthmore. Having…"had the good luck to discover each other" as Smith put it, the two laid plans to extend their circle of mutual interests to other geographers living and working in the Philadelphia area. "Accordingly", in the words of Dr. Smith's invitation of March 1, "Dr. Sharer and Mrs. Sharer, along with Mrs. Lester Klimm and myself are hosts, conveners, chaperones, and elder statesmen at an informal dinner at International House, 140 N. 15th St., Philadelphia at 6:15 P.M., Friday, March 6, 1964." After dinner ($2.50 per head), Smith welcomed the gathering and then introduced the evening's speaker, Art Loeben, Director of the Montgomery County Planning Commission. Again in his own words, Art was…"to tell us about some of the devils that beset the application of geography in Montgomery [County]". Subsequent meetings were held at the University of Pennsylvania Faculty Club and other city clubs and restaurants. The group met three additional times that first year, but thereafter settled into a biannual schedule. By 1967 the group adopted a constitution and soon afterward it was accepted as an integral arm and regional affiliate of the Association of American Geographers. 

At first the PHILADELPHIA AREA GEOGRAPHERS, as the organization was originally named, was guided by an ad hoc committee composed of Richard Bucksar, Gerald Karaska, Richard Keppel, Henry Michael, Clinton Mullen and Cyrus Sharer. By 1969 the present name, DELAWARE VALLEY GEOGRAPHICAL ASSOCIATION was adopted. At the same time meetings were moved to the western suburbs; to points readily accessible to the majority of the growing membership. Geographers and students from East Stroudsburg University, Kutztown University, Millersville University, Philadelphia Community College, Rowan College of New Jersey, Rutgers (Camden campus), Temple University, Trenton State College, University of Delaware, Villanova University, West Chester University, York College of Pennsylvania, and many other schools, community colleges, firms, and government agencies in the region actively participate in the DVGA today. 

Of local interest, it should be noted that the formerly renowned Ph.D.-granting Department of Geography at the University of Pennsylvania was terminated in 1961. 

Field trips have long been an important facet of the Association. More recently, the DVGA has been recognizing outstanding undergraduate majors in geography at local institutions by awarding them certificates of achievement. 

The history of the development of the DVGA has been a positive one. From a small, but auspicious, beginning, the association over the past thirty years has been a source of inspiration to geographers in the Delaware Valley. 

2. DVGA Speakers and Presentation Titles
6 March 1964 J. Russell Smith: Opening Remarks.
Arthur Loeben: The Application of Geography to Planning. (International House, Philadelphia)
8 May 1964 Joseph Schwarzberg: India.  (U. of PA, Faculty Club)
2 October 1964 Kazimierz Dziewonski: Population Growth and Urbanization in Post-War Poland.  (U. of PA., Faculty Club)
11 December 1964 Richard Keppel: Mapping Procedures in Underdeveloped Countries.  (U. of PA, Houston Hall)
29 April 1965 Richard Hartshorne: The Nature of Geography.  (U. of PA., Houston Hall)
10 December 1965 Henry Michael: Collecting Datable Wood from the Pyramids.  (U. of PA, Faculty Club)
15 April 1966 James Latham: Remote Sensing and Geographic Science.  (St. Anthony’s Club, Philadelphia)
16 December 1966 Peter Schauffler: Geography of the Port of Philadelphia.  (U. of PA, Faculty Club)
7 April 1967 C. H. J. Hull: Geography of the Tocks Island Development.  (St. Anthony’s Club)
8 December 1967 Arthur Getis: A New Technique of Analyzing Spatial Processes.  (Poor Richard Club, Philadelphia)
5 April 1968 Paul VanDerMeer: Land Fragmentation in a Taiwanese Village.  (Poor Richard Club)
15 November 1968 Richard Osborne: An Analysis of Current British Regional Problems and Economic Policy.  (Poor Richard Club)
28 March 1969 Melvin Marcus: Glacial Climatology and Glacial Geomorphology.  (Peacock Inn, King of Prussia)
7 November 1969 William Warntz: Geography, Geometry, and Graphics.  (Peacock Inn)
3 April 1970 Robert McNee:  A Systems Analysis of Industrial Corporations.  (Peacock Inn)
20 November 1970 Julian Wolpert: The Transition to Post-Behaviorism in Geographic Research.  (Peacock Inn)
26 March 1971 George Carey:  Urban Development (Holiday Inn, King of Prussia)
5 November 1971 William Koelsch: Terrae Incognitae and Arcana Siwash:  Geographic Thought and University History.  (Peacock Inn)
21 April 1972 Robert Sinclair: The Place of Regional Studies in Geographical Research.  (Holiday Inn)
17 November 1972 Pierce Lewis: Houses and the Diffusion of Ideas.  (Old Covered Wagon Inn, Strafford)
6 April 1973 Peter Gould: Sweden—Location in Information Space.  (Valley Forge Hilton, King of Prussia)
12 October 1973 The fall meeting was canceled to enable DVGA members to attend and participate in the AAG Middle States Division meeting in Philadelphia.
29 March 1974 Brian Berry: The Changing Nature of Dual Housing Markets.  (Valley Forge Hilton)
22 November 1974 Donald Meinig: American Beginnings—A Geographic Formulation of Transatlantic Undertakings.  (Lamb Tavern, Springfield)
18 April 1975 Gordon Wolman: Generalists and Specialists—The Interdisciplinary Dilemma.  (Lamb Tavern)
21 November 1975 Edward Ullman: Amtrak from the Inside and Outside.  (Lamb Tavern)
9 April 1976 James Vance: Liberal Tradition in American Urbanism—Medieval Roots in the American City.  (Benjamin Franklin Hotel, Philadelphia)
12 November 1976 L. Schuyler: Fonaroff: Medical Geography.  (Newtown Squire, Newtown Square, PA)
25 March 1977 Norbert Psuty: Sandy Hook and Coastal Change.  (Newtown Squire)
9 December 1977 James R. Anderson: Geographic Research in the U. S. Geological Survey.  (George Washington Motor Lodge, Plymouth Meeting)
5 May 1978 Risa Palm: House Price Trends—The Role of Financial and Real Estate Instructions and Growth Control Policies.  (Welkinweir, Pughtown, PA)
10 November 1978 Wilbur Zelinsky: Explaining the Unexpected—Some Causes and Consequences of the Metro-Nonmetro Migrational Turnaround.  (Welkinweir)
30 November 1979 Daniel George: Toward the Development of a Theory of Black Crime and Urbanism.  (George Washington Motor Lodge)
2 May 1980 Martyn Bowden: Drought in America—Science, the Media, and Government Response.  (George Washington Motor Lodge)
14 November 1980 John R. Mather: Water—Not Enough of the Right Kind; Too Much of the Wrong Kind.  (George Washington Motor Lodge)
10 April 1981 Roger Downs: The Mystery of Wayfinding—Mazes, Maps, and Minds.  (West Chester Inn)
13 November 1981 Marvin Creamer: A Geographer’s Odyssey—Sailing the Seas by Stars Alone.  (West Chester Treadway Inn, West Chester)
16 April 1982  Susan Hanson: Female Mobility in the City—How Women’s Changing Roles Affect Daily Travel Patterns.  (West Chester Treadway Inn)
19 November 1982  Vincent Malmstrom: The Sacred Meso-American Calendar—Its Origins and Diffusion.  (West Chester Treadway Inn)
8 April 1983  Judy Olson: Future Directions in Cartography (“Tanglewood”, residence of the President of West Chester University)
2 December 1983  Harm deBlij: Geography and Wine.  (West Chester Treadway Inn)
6 April 1984  George Demko: Manipulating People over Space—An International Perspective on Population Distribution Policies.  (West Chester Inn)
2 November 1984  Marvin Creamer: Voyage of the Globestar—A Non-Instrument Circumnavigation.  (West Chester Inn)
Spring 1985  Robert Aangeenbrug: The Future of the Association of American Geographers.  (West Chester Inn)
15 November 1985  Melvin Marcus: Is Nepal Really Slipping into the Sea?  (West Chester Inn)
21 March 1986  Christopher Salter: Is Geography a Trivial Pursuit?  (West Chester Inn)
14 November 1986  Barry Bishop: Man and the Himalayan Mountain Realm.  (West Chester Inn)
10 April 1987  Rodney Erickson: The Role of Geography in International Business.  (West Chester Inn)
13 November 1987  Susan Brooker-Gross: An Agenda for Geography of Mass Communications.  (West Chester Inn)
22 April 1988  Harold Rose: Black Miami—Positively or Negatively Affected by Cuban Political Migration?  (West Chester Inn)
14 October 1988  Kenneth Corey: The Role of Information Technology in Urban Development Planning—The Case of Singapore.  (West Chester Inn)
28 April 1989  Lydia Pulsipher: A Geographer’s Perspective on the 500th Anniversary of Columbus’s Voyage.  (West Chester Inn)
16 November 1989  John Townshend: The Environment Viewed from Space—An Illustrated Lecture.  (West Chester Inn)
23 March 1990  Phillip Gersmehl: Bonanza for the Land Miners: A Geographer Looks at Resource Issue.  (West Chester Inn)
2 November 1990  David Cuff: Producing the Pennsylvania Atlas.  (West Chester Inn)
5 April 1991  Saul Cohen: Changing Geopolitics of the Middle East.  (West Chester Inn)
15 November 1991  Lakshman Yapa: Theories of Third World Development—Solution or Problem?  (West Chester Inn)
24 April 1992  Stephen Leatherman: Sea Level Rise and Coastal Impact.  (West Chester Inn)
20 November 1992  Richard Boehm: The Death of Geographic Illiteracy.  (West Chester Inn)
26 March 1993  Diana Liverman: Mexico in the 1990’s—Environmental Change and Environmental Transformation.  (West Chester Inn)
22 October 1993  Tina Cary: Around the World in 99 Minutes.  (West Chester Inn)
29 April 1994  James W. Harrington, Jr.: The North American Free Trade Agreement: Changing Economic Geography and Regional Development.  (West Chester Inn)
23 September 1994 Janice J. Monk: Finding Their Place: Women Geographers in the 20th Century.  (West Chester Inn)
28 April 1995  Glenda Laws: The Land of Old Age: Housing America’s Elderly.  West Chester Inn)
3 November 1995  John Benhart, Sr.: Geographic Change in the Modern World.  (West Chester Inn)
3 May 1996  Billie Lee Turner, II: Great Riddles of Global Change.  (West Chester Inn)
22 November 1996  Jeff Osleeb: The Greenpoint/Williamsburg Environmental Benefits Program: Application of Modern Geography.  (West Chester Inn)
11 April 1997  Gary Shannon: The Geography of Plagues: From the Black Death to Aids.  (West Chester Inn)
7 November 1997  Patricia Gober: The Demographic Balkanization of America: Migration Patterns of the US Foreign-born Population.  (Holiday Inn, Lionsville)
17 April 1998  Harold “Duke” Winters: Physical Geography and the Eastern Theatre of the American Civil War.  (Holiday Inn, Lionsville)
4 December 1998  Joseph S. Wood: American Settlement Patterns: The Vietnamese Experience.  (Holiday Inn, West Chester)
16 April 1999  Alexander Murphy: Contemporary Europe: A Geographer’s “Take” on Integration and Disintegration.  (Holiday Inn)
19 November 1999  John W. Frazier: Minority Concentrations and Issues of Equity in American Cities.  (Holiday Inn)
31 March 2000  Susan Hardwick: Geographic Education in the New Century: Distance Learning or Green Grass Campus?  (Holiday Inn)
3 November 2000  Joel Morrison: The Effects of Technological Change on Organizations—Examples from Census 2000 and USGS.  (Holiday Inn)
16 March 2001  Duane Nellis: Reflections on Botswana: Geographic Information Technologies for Natural Resource Management.  (Holiday Inn)
2 November 2001  Kimberly Crews: Census 2000: Portrait of Our Nation.   (Holiday Inn)
5 April 2002  Jerry Ratcliffe: The Greatest Survival Story Ever Told: A Re-creation of he Original Lantern-Slide Lecture of Shackleton's 1914-17 Antarctic Expedition   (Holiday Inn)
8 November 2002   Ronald F. Abler: Geography and New Technology  (Holiday Inn)
2 May 2003   Victoria Lawson: Globalization, Neoliberal Reforms, and National Identity Among Poor Migrants in Ecuador  (The Inn at Chester Springs)
7 November 2003   Gen. Gerald Galloway: Floods and More Floods: Why Can't Geographers Get the Message Across?  (The Inn at Chester Springs)
23 April 2004   Ines Miyares: New York City's Changing Ethnic Landscape  (Holiday Inn)
3 December 2004   Richard Marston: Geography's Advantage in Environmental Change Studies  (Holiday Inn)
22 April 2005   Kenneth Lacovara: Paleogeography  (Holiday Inn--Ft. Washington)
18 November 2005   Mark DeMulder: USGS Geospatial Information: A Legacy and a Future  (Holiday Inn)
28 April 2006   Kavita Pandit: Immigration of Indian Technology Workers to the US: Implications for Geography and Beyond  (Holiday Inn--Ft. Washington)
11 November 2006   John Western: Muslims and Christians in Strasbourg, France: Five Recent Encounters  (Holiday Inn--West Chester)
27 April 2007   Marie Price: Immigrants in Cities: Contemporary Perspectives   (Holiday Inn--Ft. Washington)
30 November 2007   Roman Cybriwski: (Holiday Inn--West Chester)
25 April 2008   Kevin Patrick: A Geography of Changing Roadside Modernity   (Holiday Inn--Ft. Washington)
20 November 2009   John Hasse: Finding the Right Track to Smart Growth in the Garden State   (Holiday Inn--West Chester)
23 April 2010   David Robinson: Thoughts on a Snowy Winter (Holiday Inn--Ft. Washington)

3. DVGA Field Trips
9 June 1965 The Philadelphia-Camden Port Area on the launch “Commonwealth”.
17 May 1969 Western and Northern Suburbs of Philadelphia.  Art Loeben, guide.
3 October 1970 The DuPont Corporation and the Wilmington Area.  Ralph Shaffer, guide.
11 November 1972 Montgomery County.  Art Loeben, guide.
3 May 1975  AMERIPORT: The Ports of Philadelphia via River Launch.  William Bennington, guide.
8 May 1976  The Brandywine Conservation Area.  Bob Struble, Jr., guide.
9 May 1987 Hawk Mountain.  Percy Dougherty and Sandra Pritchard, guides.
1 November 1980  Atlantic City, NJ.  Elizabeth Marsh and Charles Stansfield, guides.
2 May 1981 Pennsylvania House and Barn Tour.  Robert Ensminger, guide.
26 June 1982 Physical and Cultural Contrasts on Delmarva.  Laurence Kalkstein, guide.
7 May 1983  Over the Bridge to Camden.  George Blyn and John Tachovsky, guides.
17 October 1983 The Amish Landscape and Three Mile Island.  Harold Leaman, guide.
20 May 1986  A Planner’s View of Montgomery County: Trends in Landscape Uses.  Art Loeben, guide.
27 September 1986  Delmarva II.  Tom Meirding, guide.
7 November 1987  Rails and Highways of York.  Charles Boas, guide.
Spring 1988  Anthracite Region.
Fall 1988  Anthracite Area.  Chet Zimolzak and Bernard McGonigle, guides.
24 March 1990  Lancaster County Tourism.  Gary Hovinen, guide.
16 November 1991  Wineries of Eastern Pennsylvania.  Percy Dougherty, guide.
27 May 1992  Aerial Data Reduction, Inc.  Pennsauken, NJ.  Percy Dougherty, guide.
5 December 1992  Three Centuries of Philadelphia Urban Development, Arthur Petrillo, guide.
12 November 1994 A Slice of the Poconos, Ian Ackroyd-Kelly, guide.
4 November 1995  The Edge City, Arthur Loeben and George Fasic, guides.
5 October 1996  Environments of Delmarva, Laurence Kalkstein, guide.
8 November 1997 Urban Land Use Changes in the Lehigh Valley, Michael Kaiser, guide.
18 April 1998 The Role of Geography and Geology in the Battle of Gettysburg, Harold “Duke” Winters, guide.
1 May 1999  The Geographies, Past and Present, of Valley Forge National Historical Park, Joan Welch and Sandra Mather, guides.
28 April 2000 Mushroom Growing in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Sandra Mather, guide.
27 April 2002 Edge City: The Western Philadelphia Suburbs, Arthur Loeben, guide.
5 April 2003 The Pinelands of New Jersey, G. Russell Juelg, guide.
16 April 2005 Sterling Hill Mine and the Great Valley, Ian Ackroyd-Kelly, guide.
3 December 2005 Brandywine Valley Wine Trail, Percy Dougherty and John Watson, guides.
5 April 2008 Lehigh Valley Wine Terrior, Percy Dougherty and Sam Landis, guides.
2 May 2009 Philadelphia Brewery Tour, Rich Wagner, guide.

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