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Course Description
This course explores problems that have arisen through human use of earth resources, and the available technical, economic, and social options available to us. Attention is drawn to the interdisciplinary nature of resource and environmental issues, as the scientific, geographic, political, and economic aspects of United States' environmental issues are evaluated. This course serves as the foundation for further study in upper level environmental geography courses.

Geography 202 Resources and the Environment Course Reader.
Geography 202 Exercise Packet. These are available only in the SMC bookstore.

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Review for Exam
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Reading Questions
'My Site' Activity, Part 1
'My Site' Activity, Part 2

Course Outline       
Course Introduction/Contribution of Geography
      The Individual and the Environment
      Sustainability and Population
      Classification of Natural Resources
      'My Site' Activity and Introduction to USGS Topographic Maps
      Need for Ethics and Critical Thinking
Soil and Land
      Soil Properties and the Soil Survey
      Soil Erosion and Conservation
      Soil Policy
      Conventional/Alternative Agriculture
      Suburban Sprawl: Problems and Alternatives
      Agricultural Land Preservation in Lancaster County
Water Quantity
      Hydrologic Cycle
      Water Quantity
            1993 Mississippi River Flood
            Floods: Land Use Impacts and Adjustments
            US Water Use
            Colorado River Water Use Conflicts
            Increasing the Water Supply
Water Quality
      Water Pollutants: Sources and Impacts
      The Chesapeake Bay: Problems and Prospects
      Waste Water Treatment
      Tertiary Treatment Alternatives
      Non-Point Source Issues
      Clean Water Policy
The Public Domain
      Geography and Classification of the Public Domain
      Multiple Use Policy Issues
Forests, Parks, and Wilderness
      Wilderness vs. Energy: A Conflict in the Last American Frontier
      National Park System
      Values and Types of Forests
      Toward Sustainable Forestry
            Population and Management
            Habitat and Management
            Wildlife as 'Pests'
            Species Susceptible to Extinction
            Preventing Extinction
            Endangered Species Act and Issues
Air Quality
      Air Pollutants: Sources and Impacts
      Indoor Air Pollution vs. Outdoor Air Pollution
      Clean Air Act and Issues in Achieving the Ozone Standard
      Technologies and Techniques for Improving Air Quality
Energy Alternatives: Pros and Cons (Student Presentations)
      Wind Pros and Cons
      Solar Pros and Cons
      Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
      Summary and Our Energy Near-Future
Summary and Synthesis: Toward Environmental Improvement