My research

Research Interests

         Line graphs and claw-free graphs

         Eulerian graphs, Supereulerian graphs

         Group connectivity

         Matroid Theory

§         Hypergraphs


Recent Papers

  1. Pancyclicity in 4-connected claw-free Z_8-free graphs, submitted
  2. The discharging method and 3-connected essentially 10-connected line graphs, submitted
  3. On 3-edge-connected spanning trailable graphs, submitted
  4. Pancyclicity in 4-connected claw-free, net-free graphs, submitted


Publication List

  1. Strongly spanning trailable graphs with short longest paths (with Hong-Jian Lai, Ping Li, and Keke Wang), ARS Combinatoria, accepted
  2. Hamiltonicity of nearly claw-free graphs, ARS Combinatoria, accepted.
  3. Graphs with a 3-cycle-2-over(with Zhi-Hong Chen, Miaomiao Han, and Hong-Jian Lai), Graphs and Combinatorics, accepted.
  4. K_5^--factor in a graph (with Hong-Jian Lai, Yehong Shao), ARS Combinatoria, 122 (2015), 97-124.
  5. Z_3-connectvity in Abelian Cayley graphs (with Hao Li, Ping Li, Ju Zhou and Taoye Zhang), Discrete Mathematics, 313 (2013), 1666-1676.
  6. Spanning cycles in reguler matroids without small cocircuits, European Journal of Combinatorics, 33(8), 1765-1776 (2012).
  7. Z_3-connectivity of 4-edge-connected 2-triangular graphs (with Xinmin Hou, Hong-Jian Lai, Ju Zhou, Taoye Zhang), European Journal of Combinatorics, 33(2012), 182-188.
  8. Group Connectivity and Group Colorings of Graphs-A survey (with Hong-Jian Lai, Xiangwen Li, Yehong Shao), Acta Mathematica Sinica, English Series, Vol 27, Number 3 (2011), 405-434.
  9. On 3-edge-connected supereulerian graphs (with Hong-Jian Lai, Hao Li and Yehong Shao), Graphs and Combinatorics, 27 (2011), 207-214.
  10. Hamiltonicity of 6-connected line graphs, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 158(2010), 1971-1975.
  11. Degree Sum and Z_3-connectivity (with Hong-Jian Lai, Xiangwen Li, Yehong Shao, Rui Xu, Xiaoxia Zhang), Discrete Mathematics, 310(2010), 3390-3397.
  12. Full cycle extendability of triangularly connected almost claw-free graphs, ARS Combinatoria, (96)2010, 489-497.   
  13. Hamilton-connected indices of graphs (with Zhi-Hong Chen, Hong-Jian Lai, Liming Xiong, Huiya Yan), Discrete Mathematics, 309 (2009), 4819-4827.
  14. Hamiltonian connectedness in 3-connected line graphs (with Hong-Jian Lai, Yehong Shao, and Gexin Yu), Discrete Applied Mathematics, 157(2009), 982-990.
  15. Every 4-connected line graph of a quasi claw-free graph is hamiltonian connected (with Hong-Jian Lai, Yehong Shao), Discrete Mathematics, 308 (2008), 5312-5316.
  16. Hamiltonian connected hourglass free line graphs (with Hong-Jian Lai, Dengxin Li and Yehong Shao), Discrete Mathematics, 308 (2008), 2634-2636.
  17. Vertex pancyclicity in quasi claw-free graphs, Discrete Mathematics,307(2007), 1679-1683.
  18. Hamiltonicity in 3-connected claw-free graphs (with Hong-Jian Lai and Yehong Shao), J. Combinatorial Theory, Series B, Vol. 96, Issue 4(2006), 493-504.
  19.  Supereulerian planar graphs (with Hong-Jian Lai, Deying Li and Jingzhong Mao), ARS Combinatoria, 75 (2005), 313-331.
  20. Every 3-connected N2-locally connected claw-free graph is Hamiltonian (with Hong-Jian Lai, Yehong Shao), J. Graph Theory, Vol. 48, Issue 2 (2005), 142-146. 
  21. Eulerian subgraphs and Hamilton-connected line graphs (with Hong-Jian Lai, Dengxin Li), Discrete Applied Mathematics, 145(2005), 422-428
  22. Neighborhood intersections and hamiltonicity in almost claw-free graphs, Discrete Mathematics, 243(2002), 171-185



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