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Research Interests

§         Almost claw-free graphs, Quasi-claw-free graphs, Claw-free graphs

§         Eulerian graphs, Supereulerian graphs

§         Group connectivity

§         Line graphs

Presentations at Professional Conferences


Recent Papers

  1. Group connectivity of Cayley graphs, submitted

  2. Pancyclicity in 4-connected claw-free Z_8-free graphs, submitted

  3. The discharging method and 3-connected essentially 10-connected line graphs, submitted
  4. Pancyclicity in 4-connected claw-free, net-free graphs, in preparation


Publication List

  1. Hamiltonicity of nearly claw-free graphs, ARS Combinatoria, accepted.

  2. K_5^--factor in a graph (with Hong-Jian Lai, Yehong Shao), ARS Combinatoria, accepted.

  3. Z_3-connectvity in Abelian Cayley graphs (with Hao Li, Ping Li, Ju Zhou and Taoye Zhang), Discrete Mathematics, accepted.
  4. Spanning cycles in reguler matroids without small cocircuits, European Journal of Combinatorics, 33(8), 1765-1776 (2012).

  5. Z_3-connectivity of 4-edge-connected 2-triangular graphs (with Xinmin Hou, Hong-Jian Lai, Ju Zhou, Taoye Zhang), European Journal of Combinatorics, 33(2012), 182-188.

  6. Group Connectivity and Group Colorings of Graphs-A survey (with Hong-Jian Lai, Xiangwen Li, Yehong Shao), Acta Mathematica Sinica, English Series, Vol 27, Number 3 (2011), 405-434.

  7. On 3-edge-connected supereulerian graphs (with Hong-Jian Lai, Hao Li and Yehong Shao), Graphs and Combinatorics, 27 (2011), 207-214.

  8. Hamiltonicity of 6-connected line graphs, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 158(2010), 1971-1975.

  9. Degree Sum and Z_3-connectivity (with Hong-Jian Lai, Xiangwen Li, Yehong Shao, Rui Xu, Xiaoxia Zhang), Discrete Mathematics, 310(2010), 3390-3397.

  10. Full cycle extendability of triangularly connected almost claw-free graphs, ARS Combinatoria, (96)2010, 489-497.   

  11. Hamilton-connected indices of graphs (with Zhi-Hong Chen, Hong-Jian Lai, Liming Xiong, Huiya Yan), Discrete Mathematics, 309 (2009), 4819-4827.

  12. Hamiltonian connectedness in 3-connected line graphs (with Hong-Jian Lai, Yehong Shao, and Gexin Yu), Discrete Applied Mathematics, 157(2009), 982-990.

  13. Every 4-connected line graph of a quasi claw-free graph is hamiltonian connected (with Hong-Jian Lai, Yehong Shao), Discrete Mathematics, 308 (2008), 5312-5316.

  14. Hamiltonian connected hourglass free line graphs (with Hong-Jian Lai, Dengxin Li and Yehong Shao), Discrete Mathematics, 308 (2008), 2634-2636.

  15. Vertex pancyclicity in quasi claw-free graphs, Discrete Mathematics,307(2007), 1679-1683.

  16. Hamiltonicity in 3-connected claw-free graphs (with Hong-Jian Lai and Yehong Shao), J. Combinatorial Theory, Series B, Vol. 96, Issue 4(2006), 493-504.

  17.  Supereulerian planar graphs (with Hong-Jian Lai, Deying Li and Jingzhong Mao), ARS Combinatoria, 75 (2005), 313-331.

  18. Every 3-connected N2-locally connected claw-free graph is Hamiltonian (with Hong-Jian Lai, Yehong Shao), J. Graph Theory, Vol. 48, Issue 2 (2005), 142-146. 

  19. Eulerian subgraphs and Hamilton-connected line graphs (with Hong-Jian Lai, Dengxin Li), Discrete Applied Mathematics, 145(2005), 422-428

  20. Neighborhood intersections and hamiltonicity in almost claw-free graphs, Discrete Mathematics, 243(2002), 171-185

  21. The neighborhood intersections of essential sets and the traceable properties of K1,r-free graphs, J. Southeast University, Vol. 29, 1999(6)

  22. Two sufficient conditions for (k+1)-connected K1,r –free graphs to be Hamilton-connected (with Xinping Xu), J. Liongning University (Natural Science), Vol. 25, 1998(4)

  23. Hamilton-connected properties of (k+1)-connected claw-free graphs (with Xinping Xu), J. Nanjing Normal University (Natural Science), Vol. 21, 1998(2)

  24. A discussion on k-connected claw center independent graphs being Hamiltonian using essentials sets (with Xinping Xu), J. Nanjing University Mathematical Bi-quarterly, Vol. 14, N0.2 (1997)

  25. A sufficient conditions for claw center independent graphs having Hamilton-path (with Xinping Xu), J. Nanjing Normal University (Natural Science), Vol. 20, 1997(3)

  26. A discussion on graphs being traceable using essential sets (with Xinping Xu), J. Jiangsu Education College (Natural Science), 1997(1)

  27. Hamiltonicity of k-connected claw center independent graph (with Xinping Xu), J. Jiangsu Education College (Natural Science), 1996(2)



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