Directed Self-Placement Program for English 010 and 110

Welcome to Millersville University!  We in the English Department hope your first year at MU is positive and productive.  That’s why we invite you to select for yourself the first-year writing course that best suits your needs as an incoming college student. We want you to be self-guided in the course you pick, and, because you choose the writing course you will take, you will have a vested interest in whether you prosper in that course and in your college career.

What is Directed Self-Placement for first-year writing courses? The English Department at Millersville University has designed a new method for placing students in composition classes. We call our new program Directed Self-Placement (DSP). The program consists of a survey (see link below) that will help you to assess your writing abilities as well as a detailed descripiton of the writing courses available. After you have evaluated your abilities and surveyed our courses, you will choose the first-year writing class that best meets your needs. Now you have the opportunity to make an important decision about which composition class is best for you as you prepare to read and write successfully at the university.

(Note: If you think you may be exempt from taking ENGL 110 please contact the English Dept.)

Steps you must take to make your decision: There are four steps you must take in order to accurately choose between English 010 and 110.

  1. Take the Writing-Abilities Survey;
  2. Review the results of the survey
  3. Read through the writing course descriptions
  4. Select which course you want to be placed in.