Step #1: Take the writing-abilities survey:

How you will choose the course that is best for you.

Choosing your first-year writing class is a big responsibility, and we want you to make the smartest choice.  In both of our first-year composition classes—Fundamentals of Writing (English 010) and Composition (English 110)—your instructors will prepare you for the complex work of college-level writing and research.  Both 010 and 110 explore fully the processes of thinking, reading, and writing critically.  In both courses, we also hope to share with you lots of ideas that are portable, ideas about writing well that will benefit you both in your college classes and after graduation. 

Please realize this: how you begin as a first-year writer at Millersville is very important to your entire university career.  Please think carefully and be honest with yourself as you make your decision.

The first step is to take our writing-abilities