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Consider your previous experience with reading and writing in high school and elsewhere and select all the items below that fit your experience:

Check the boxes that best fit you.
I often read for pleasure.
I have limited experience with writing and tend to fear writing situations.
I have never developed a strong vocabulary.
I often revise what I have written in order to clarify my points or strengthen my arguments.
I have typically written essays that were 1-3 pages in length.
I struggle coming up with good topics and ideas for my essays.
I use grammar, punctuate, and spell with few errors.

I wrote papers where I did little research and never had to cite sources.

I always carefully outline and organize my writing.
I feel comfortable doing research, know how to locate and evaluate sources and relate them to my own writing.

I have never been taught how to use correct grammar and punctuation.

I wrote 3-5 essays—four to six pages or longer—each year in high school.

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