Off-Campus Teaching Incentives

Off-Campus Teaching Incentives

Faculty members who teach at off-campus locations may be eligible to receive incentive pay through Articles 40.  Please use the links below to see if you are eligible.

Article 40 (Off-campus locations)

Mileage Qualifications:

  • The mileage will be determined by home to site or university to site, whichever is closer.
  • Home or university must be 15 miles or more from location.
  • Faculty member must travel 500 miles or more per semester to be eligible.

Incentives will be paid at the end of the semester.

Off-Campus Teaching Incentive Form

Article 40

Only one incentive may be used per semester

For any questions or concerns please contact:


Interim Associate Dean, College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning and Director, Online Programs
Phone: (717) 871-5156