Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Through the exploration of differences and commonalities, and the examination of the effect of discrimination, power, and privilege, group members work together to identify common ground in order to promote equity and social justice. Individuals learn how to listen and speak openly, engage with one another, take risks, explore differences and conflicts, and discover common ground in order to strengthen collective capacities and foster connections and alliances across social identity groups in order to promote social justice and change. Further, participants will learn how to identify challenges within their own work groups and institutions and then how to develop specific actions plans that drive change and fosters inclusivity in order to create a sense of belonging within the environment. To create a global society in which all individuals can thrive takes a collaborative approach that involves all, and learning how to engage in dialogue around “hot topics” can lead to this society in which solutions to serious social problems are created. Institutions, organizations, and corporations can take that lead through educating their staff in the diversity and inclusion model provided through this institute to foster peace and justice as well as develop specific plans of action for organizational change.

Dates:  June 13 - 17, 2022           Term:  Summer 2          
Course NumberSOWK 642.01 CRN2085
Title that appears during registration:  Topics: Diversity & Inclusion


Institute Director

Dr. Karen Rice



  • Chris Ballentine
  • Erin Moss
  • Tyrone Washington


  • Additional Information

    Credits: All participants will receive 3 graduate credits for the summer institute 

    Tuition/Fees: Institutes are unique 3 credit graduate courses that highlight renowned experts in the field. On campus institutes include breakfast and lunch each day, as well as handouts and materials. Books may be required for certain courses; please check with the university bookstore. Millersville University graduate tuition and fees can be found on the Office of Student Accounts page. In addition, a $100 institute fee is required.

    Note: If you have not taken a graduate-level course or workshop at Millersville University within the past 5 years, you must complete the online non-degree admission form; this information is necessary to admit you to the university.