Student Profiles - James Johnson

Student Profiles - James Johnson

James Johnson

Class: 2013
Major:  Biology with a minor in chemistry   
Hometown: Conshohocken, Pa.

What made you want to enter the field of respiratory therapy?
The medical field has always been one that interested me; the idea of working in a hospital where every day I would have the ability to help people was something that I had always dreamed of.  In my junior year, I enrolled in the “Introduction to Allied Health Professions” course, taught by John Hughes, and learned about the respiratory therapy program here at Millersville. I liked the presentation and I enjoyed the job description. We have a great respiratory therapy program for it here, so essentially I was hooked.

Where are you hoping your degree takes you post-graduation?
Post graduation, I want to work at a hospital and while working, return to school to obtain my doctorate in pulmonary medicine.

Can you tell us about being a member of Students Helping Admissions Recruiting Program (SHARP)?
I began working for the SHARP team in the fall of 2011. I apply knowledge of the campus layout and history to provide prospective students with a tour of Millersville University. But most of the time, after the tour, I end up just talking to the families about where they’re from, what majors the student is interested in and where to get the best pizza on campus. 

While giving tours, you spend a lot of time in transit between academic buildings and residence halls. Often times I fill the walk around campus with stories and experiences that I have had in and around the various buildings on campus. So every tour is kind of a walk down memory lane for all the things I’ve seen and done at Millersville. My best experience I’ve had was when I gave a tour to a pair of 85-year-old alumni twins, who knew more history about the campus than I did.

Why do you believe diversity is important to Millersville?
I believe diversity is important to Millersville because it opens your eyes to new perspectives from various people, lifestyles and cultures. Without it we would be forced to view life through only one lens. 

What is your role as a member of event staff at Millersville?
As an event staff member I am responsible for many tasks. At musical events I normally usher or buy/take tickets. While at football games I ensure that only authorized personnel are granted entry to the field. At talks or lectures I can do anything from handing out programs to escorting V.I.P’s.

What’s the most exciting event you’ve worked for Millersville University?
Although I worked this event through the athletics department, I worked all of the playoff baseball games leading up to NCAA Championship in 2011 at Clipper Stadium. I hadn’t ever worked a baseball game but I loved the sport. My co-workers and I took turns watching the game and selling t-shirts. 

Can you tell us about the Ski and Snowboard club, and your involvement?
I’ve been president of Millersville’s Ski and Snowboard club for about one and a half years. I collaborate with the rest of the executive board to organize trips, meetings, events and fundraisers for the group. Normally, we would do many small trips throughout the winter, but this year we are attempting to raise funds and support to take a weeklong trip to Canada this spring break. 

Have you had a favorite class and/or professor at Millersville thus far?
My favorite class by far was “Electronic Music” with Dr. Jester. It is a class that teaches you how to produce music. My favorite professor is Dr. Mehmet Goksu, of the physics department; not only is he a brilliant educator, but he’s hilarious. Anyone that can make physics funny deserves a medal of some sort. 

Where is your favorite place to go and relax on campus?
My favorite place to relax on campus is at the student lounge of Roddy and Caputo Halls on the second floor.

What has been the best advice you’ve ever received?
My mom told me when I was little to “learn to love learning.”

What has been the best memory you’ve had at Millersville?
When we had a huge snowstorm a couple years ago, everyone got a text that there was going to be a huge snowball fight in the quad that night, although I was extremely doubtful. I looked outside of my window at Burrowes Hall and saw half of the campus out in the snow. I had to join in, there had to have been hundreds of students out there.