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Academic Success Kit

Academic Success Skills

Valuable easy-to-read tips about how to do your best and succeed in college-level courses. View more (PDF)

Course Registration Instructions

Registration for next semester’s classes will come up faster than you think…don’t get left behind! Become familiar with the timelines and the process for planning a course schedule and registering for classes.

NOTE to first semester freshmen: You do not need to register for fall classes and will receive your schedule during New Student Orientation week.

General Education (Gen Ed) Guidelines (Green Sheet)

Use this guide (PDF) to keep track of your progress toward completing Millersville’s General Education requirments.

MAX Web Instruction Booklet

The Max web system is your key to accessing all of your personal academic and financial information. This step-by-step guide will help you log into and navigate around the Max system. You’ll be amazed by all of the information and tools that are at your fingertips!

Student Forms Center

If you need a form, chances are you’ll find it right here.

Office of Academic Advisement

If you have questions about your academic advisor, choosing a major, planning your class schedule, General Education or Degree requirements, and more… you can find answers here.

Four-Year Graduation Guide

If your goal is to graduate in 4 years (rather than 5 or 6), you will want to read this guide now… don’t wait until it’s too late! View more (PDF)


Take advance of the resources and services the University Library has for you, including large collection of electronic books and articles. Get research help from a professional librarian using the Ask a Librarian email service.

Writing Center

Get valuable feedback on how to improve that paper you are writing, but don’t wait until the day before it’s due! View more

Tutoring Center

Tutoring is free for Millersville students, and it’s not just for students who are struggling to pass a class! If you would like to get an A instead of a B in a certain course, why not look into tutoring?

Academic Honesty and Dishonesty Policy

If you let someone copy from your test, are YOU cheating? What if you use research in your paper, but cite the wrong reference? Is that plagiarism? Make sure you know how Millersville defines cheating and what might happen if you get caught. View more (PDF)

Math Assistance Center

The Math Department has their own specialized tutors available to help you do your absolute best in their courses.

Office of Learning Services

Check out their study skills, note taking, and time management workshops available free for all students! Also, if you have, or think you might have, a learning disability, or if you have a physical disability, these experts know exactly how to help.

Millersville Mentoring Alliance Program

Successful people will all tell you, their mentors helped them get there. Millersville will match you with your own mentor (faculty/staff, alumni, professional or upper-classmen) based on your individual goals and interests… all you have to do is ask! View more

Student Academic Support Services Directory (pdf)

A directory of offices on campus devoted to helping you be successful in your classes. View more (PDF)