Campus Visit FAQ

For the safety of all visitors and staff, you will be expected to adhere to the following campus visit guidelines.

For additional information and questions, please see the COVID Updates page or contact Admissions by emailing, by texting 717-584-4928, or by calling 717-871-4625.

  • Must I complete a health self-assessment?

    Yes. You and each of your guests must complete this health self-assessment before traveling to campus. If you or a member of your group is experiencing any of the CDC identified symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and contact the Admissions Office to reschedule. Do not submit the results of your self-assessment or any other medical information to the Admissions Office. If you are experiencing any of the identified symptoms, contact your health care provider.

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  • How do I reschedule or cancel my visit?

    If you are unable to attend your scheduled visit or you begin to feel the onset of any of the COVID symptoms during your visit, please let us know and we will work with you to identify a suitable alternate date.

    You may reschedule or cancel your campus visit when replying to your confirmation email, by sending us a text (717-584-4928), or by calling 717-871-4625. Note: The Admissions Office is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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  • Do I have to wear a mask?

    The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) requires that all staff, faculty and visitors on university campuses wear a mask - both indoors and out. If you are unable to wear a mask during a visit, we apologize for the inconvenience and encourage you to consider a virtual or self-guided tour.

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  • How often are facilities cleaned and sanitized?

    Our professional housekeeping staff thoroughly cleans and sanitizes all locations on the campus tour route, including the Lombardo Welcome Center, on a twice-daily basis.

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  • May I use campus restrooms during my visit?

    Visitors are permitted to use the restrooms in the Lombardo Welcome Center only. Restrooms in other facilities along the tour route are not open for visitor use.

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  • How many visitors and guests will be in each tour group?

    Information sessions offered in the Lombardo Welcome Center are limited to 25 persons. Our capacity in the Center at any given time is eight (8) student visitors with up to two (2) family members/guests each, plus one admissions counselor. 

    Information sessions offered in the Student Memorial Center Reighard Multipurpose Room are limited to 46 persons: 16 student visitors with up to two (2) family members/guests each, plus one admissions counselor.

    Tour groups consist of no more than 13 people: Up to four (4) families (four students with two family members/guests) and one tour guide. Tour participants are asked to be cognizant of social distancing requirements while on tour.

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  • How many guests may I bring to my visit?
    Student visitors are permitted to bring up to two (2) family members/guests. Students and their family members/guests must reside in the same household. We appreciate your cooperation as we work to accommodate as many students and their family members/guests as possible. If there are additional family members interested in seeing the MU campus, we encourage them to consider participating in a virtual or self-guided tour.
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  • Do I have to provide contact information for guests I am bringing to my visit?

    Yes. Although we are taking exceptional efforts to ensure your safety and the safety of our staff, there is still the potential that you or a family member is exposed to COVID-19. We require contact information about family members/guests should the State need to conduct contact tracing were a potential exposure to be identified.

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  • Will you share my information with the PA Department of Health or other health organizations?

    We will only share your information with Lancaster General Health (LGH) in the case that we are made aware of potential exposure to COVID-19. LGH has been authorized by the Pennsylvania Department of Health to handle contact tracing for Millersville University and the surrounding area. Information would include name and phone number only; all other information collected in your tour registration will only be used by the Admissions Office.

    Contact the MU Environmental Health & Safety Office at 717-871-4240 if you have any questions related to this process.

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  • What buildings will I see on my tour?

    Access to buildings on campus other than the Lombardo Welcome Center, Student Memorial Center, and the Luek academic building is restricted to current students, faculty and staff. We are pleased to be able to offer virtual tours of the residence halls and other campus buildings.

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  • What offices/departments are open on campus?

    At this time, many non-academic campus departments are open, but have limited on-campus coverage with most employees working remotely. If you are interested in speaking with a particular Millersville University department or office, such as an academic program, financial aid, or housing and conference services, please contact them directly to make arrangements for a virtual meeting at your convenience.

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  • How do I check-in once I am on campus?

    Please activate location services on your mobile device so you receive a text message when you arrive on campus. You will receive a "Check-in" text from the University.  Check in by responding to the text. If you experience technical difficulties, staff will be available to assist you.

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  • Can I meet individually with an admissions counselor while on campus?

    No. At this time we are unable to accommodate on-campus one-on-one meetings with Admissions Counselors. If you are interested in learning about the application process, please register for a virtual counselor meeting.

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  • Will my visit include information about plans for the fall 2021 semester?

    No. For updates about subsequent semesters, refer to Millersville’s COVID Updates page. Due to the evolving nature of this information, it will not be covered during your campus visit.

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