The Wolf

Terry Kusy

VIEW THE EXHIBITION Ι 10/22 - 11/9.2018

  11/5.2018 from 5:00 - 7:00 pm 
ARTIST TALK ι 5:30 pm

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About the Exhibition ...

This exhibition is an exploration of our canine friend’s ancestor, the wolf.  The wolf is an animal that has been both admired and feared throughout man’s history.  Some see the wolf as a teacher, while others may consider the wolf a threat.  The wolf also has two faces, one as a symbol for unity and another that represents isolation, the lone wolf.  The work in this exhibition is expressed through the medium of ink wash and drawing. 

About the Artist ...

This exhibition is my own personal expression of the “wolf” and symbolisms behind it.  As a BFA studio major with a concentration in drawing, I am influenced by character design, sequential art, animation and illustration.  Artists I have come to admire are the works of Aaron Blaise, Terryl Whitlatch, and Jim Lee.  I have an affinity for the simple yet complex medium of ink and its ability to describe form through line and strokes.