Students of the course "Beyond Making: Strategies for Success"

VIEW THE EXHIBITION Ι 3/22 - 4/12.2019

Reception ι 3/27.2019 (two receptions)
Time ι 12:00-1:00 pm and 5:30-7:00 pm

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About the Exhibition ...

This exhibition features works produced for the Studio Capstone course, "Beyond Making: Strategies for Success".  This year the theme we worked with was the exploration of “time”. Using examples provided by established contemporary artists and critical writings, the course introduced concepts of time through their use in contemporary art.  This became the starting point for each module leading to ongoing critique and dialog related to time and art. The students were asked to pursue their own personal investigations into the following ideas related to time- sequencing, nostalgia, synchronicity and duration.

The name of our show is called Divulgence, which refers to art being a personal part of our souls that we are choosing to let the public glance at for this show.  We have painters, drawers, potters, and photographers all coming together as one for a cohesive show.

About the Artists ...

Andrew Battle (°1995, Ephrata, United States) is a Graduate of Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology and is currently pursuing a degree in art at Millersville University.  Andrew currently lives and works in Lancaster county as a Director of Marketing for a local company named Prestigious Pools of Central PA.  

By rejecting an objective truth and global cultural narratives, Battle plays with the idea of the mortality of an artwork confronted with the power of a transitory appearance, which is, by being restricted in time, much more intense. He creates media artworks, photos, drawings and films.

Sam Burgett is a senior at Millersville University studying Art.

His art hopes to inspire others to become more interested in learning about other cultures and ethnicities.

Tom Fleck (Edward Thomas Fleck Jr.) was born in Wilmington, DE on June 27th, 1993.  He currently attends Millersville University for both his English and Art Bachelor degrees.

As a lover of action-packed manga and anime, much of my art revolves around dynamic movement. Working primarily with digital illustration and a style based off of Japanese manga, I seek to create graphic novels where narrative and art work together as a cohesive, explosive whole!

Caitlin Herres is a senior BFA student at Millersville University, her concentration is in design but she has other interests in drawing and painting.

My work explores a variety of different landscapes found in Alaska through gouache paintings while keeping the vulnerability of the environment in mind.

Caitlin Kennedy is currently a senior at Millersville University studying art and psychology.

My work is investigating the topic of brokenness. I desire for these pieces to symbolize redemption and hope and the beauty within even our darkest moments.

Alicia Kulp is a senior at Millersville University studying both art and marketing with the goal of becoming a freelance photographer when she graduates.

Behind the Badge is a series inspired by my husband, meant to shine a positive light on the police officers that protect and serve their community every day, in order to show that they are more than the badge that they wear.

Jessica Melck is a senior BFA and BSE dual major with concentrations in drawing and printmaking.
The work im presenting in this show is based around abstract depictions of dance, as I’ve been dancing all my life and feel that it is something that defines me.”

Joseph Mower is a senior Art Education BFA & BSE student at Millersville University with concentration in Photography.

The expired photo paper series was developed in several unique ways, creating abstract prints that allow the viewers to interpret each print in their own way. Some may only see lines and forms while others may see different objects like ink blots in the prints.

Cat Prestianne is a senior at Millersville University, she is an art and anthropology student.
My work is exploring different parts of the body through oil on canvas.

The human body is a fascinating subject, I’m inspired by the different functions of the human body, along with social movements to love one’s own body.

Samantha Shovelton is a senior BA student at Millersville University, with a focus primarily in photography, studying both darkroom and digital methods.

Area Code 267 is a series that explores the absence of physical human identity, through the documentation of unknown individuals from a third person perspective, photographed within the city of Philadelphia.

Christopher Smith is an artist and head of Fox and Crow Studios, currently living and working in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with a focus primarily on photography, sculpture, and event planning.

f/64 is a series that explores the contrasts between the world-renowned works of Ansel Adam's juxtaposed with the classic forms of nude art photography.

Jess Sneddon is a senior BFA & BSE student with a focus on ceramics and intends to become a high school art teacher.

I have been interested in the basic ceramic cup form and am exploring a variety of surface decoration options to make the for more aesthetically pleasing.