Rooted & Relevant

Deb Bowman

VIEW THE EXHIBITION Ι 1/29 - 2/9.2020

Reception ι
  1/30.2020 from 6:00 - 7:30 pm 
Artist Talk ι 6:30 pm

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About the Exhibition ...

Deb Bowman’s large scale oil paintings explore the symbolic nature of trees.  As simultaneously grounded and persistently growing, trees have a complex existence. Furthermore, trees mirror aspects of the artist’s identity and her life rooted in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  The use of vibrant color and painterly brush strokes add visual complexity to each piece and work to capture the stagnant and evolving nature of trees.

The second part of the Rooted & Relevant title is a reference to Bowman being a non-
traditional student, striving to continue exploring relevant contemporary art.  The goal is to
produce art rooted in art history yet timeless today.

The six large canvases are themed variations that began with inspiration from a Ruth Bernard painting.  Bowman then added and subtracted elements of the original painting, intensifying or muting colors and finally simplifying the original inspiration into flat paintings.  This process resulted in a series of personalized works.

The largest canvas painting is an exploration of fluid boundaries, which gave Bowman the
opportunity to work on a non traditional loose canvas.  The painting studio was distilled by
shape and ultimately influenced by the artist Philip Guston.

Collage as an art form rounds out the exhibition with one piece exploring the timely question of British succession. The other two small collage pieces reference the season of spring and the earthly element of water.

About the Artist ...

I have been a resident of Lancaster county Pennsylvania for the past 32 years.
Pursuing an art degree has been a dream come true. While pursuing my BFA degree at
Millersville University I became formally educated about many artistic disciplines.The last four
years pursuing my BFA degree has been both intentional and transformative.
While attending Millersville University I became passionate about art history and the ways in
which it influences our modern world. Choosing to focus on oil painting as a concentration has
given me an outlet for both my painting skills and love of art history.

In addition to my large scale oil paintings that are my main work, I have begun exploring the
use of oil pastels on top of some of my developed oil paintings in order to create an added
visual interest. My focus will always be in the use and creation of rare color as beautification for
my artwork.

When Amy Sherald visited Millersville University in February of 2019, she advised me to trust
my instincts as an artist. She compared one of my paintings to the work of Philip Guston and
the painting, one of my favorites, will forever be named “Amy Sherald liked it.” I will always
cherish that moment with Amy as it instilled confidence in my creative abilities and became a
pivotal moment of inspiration for my work.

I hope to continue to be a life long student of all things artistic and always continue to push
and explore my personal life as an artist.