Out of Context

Kevin Leese

VIEW THE EXHIBITION Ι 3/9 - 3/27.2020

Reception ι
  3/10.2020 from 5:30 - 7:00 pm 
Artist Talk ι 6:30 pm

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About the Exhibition ...

The idea of value was a major part of my work from the beginning. What gives artwork its value? Is it the amount of time or money someone spent making their work or the amount of technical skill they had to learn and use to create their work or the sheer beauty of the work itself? I always found the process of pinhole photography to be beautiful. I knew from the start I wanted to use pinhole photography to demonstrate its capabilities. The reason I chose to use easily recognizable household objects instead of specially built pinhole cameras is because I wanted to show how easy it is to convert common objects into cameras. I also wanted to repurpose other people's trash to give these objects a new life and a new value.

The subject of the photos are scraps of metal that I turned into temporary still life sculptures. This was the best way to demonstrate how each of these cameras adds their own unique filter into an image by warping patterns and stretching the metal. Cameras are often mistaken for recording reality, but I think, just as people do, they record things from their own perspective.

About the Artist ...