Graduate Profile

Mark Stackhouse, LAT, ATC

M-Stackhouse - actor Ty Burrell

Present Position:  Athletic Trainer, ATI Physical Therapy

Why did you choose Millersville University and the dual degree program?

I chose Millersville's dual degree program because I wasn't completely sure what route I wanted to take after college. Being able to graduate with two degrees opens up a lot of doors. While the athletic training and biology degrees are both related and compliment each other, they allow you to pursue either a solely athletic training profession or medical school and a related field, or anything in between. Ultimately, I choose this program so that I would get the most comprehensive education I could.

How was your athletic training educational experience?

The AT program gives you a great feel for what that job is really like, all while building up to that level. That smaller numbers of athletic training students really plays to our benefit when compared to other athletic training programs out there, and it helps to create a supportive atmosphere. The classroom and clinical experience definitely prepared me for the next level, which in my case was graduate school. 

How did the Dual Degree Program help you achieve your goal?

The dual degrees build off of each other and help to create a comprehensive and unique education. Graduating with two bachelors of science degrees makes you much more marketable to employers, not only because of what you know, but the effort and work required to accomplish that feat. Having that leg up on the competition is a huge benefit.

What advantages has the dual degree program afforded you in your present position?

Having two degrees clearly made me a more attractive candidate for the graduate positions I applied to. In addition to helping me get the position I wanted, the background in biology is a huge benefit with graduate classes. Also, the time commitment required for the dual degree program is very similar to that of having a graduate assistant position, so I felt very well prepared for graduate school. 

What advice would have for students considering this program?

The best advice I can give is to focus on time management, and make sure you work with your classmates above and below you. Helping each other is a huge part of being successful in the program. Also, ask your ACI's as many questions as you can. Learning is what you're here for!

Sarah Ernesto, DPT, LAT,ATC

Sarah Ernesto

Winner of 2013 Otho Davis Scholarship - Sarah was awarded a $10,000.00 scholasrship from the Otho Davis Scholarship Foundation for her outstanding qualities in the area of scholarship, service and dedication to the field of sports medicine.

Present Position: Physical Therapist at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Netwoirk

Sarah, a Spring 2011 graduate from West Lawn, PA entered Physical Therapy school that Fall.  A goal of hers when she entered Millersville University, she had no difficulty achieving it.  After being accepted at every PT school she applied to, she choose Arcadia University along with a scholarship.  

How did the Dual Degree Program help you achieve your goal?

The Dual Degree program greatly prepared me for physical therapy school.  The athletic training aspect of the program not only provided me with a wealth of knowledge that I will encounter again in PT school, but the program also provided me with hands-on opportunities to apply classroom information.  The Dual Degree program fulfilled all the requirements for PT school and then some.  Having two degrees and previous hands-on experience will set me apart from my future peers in PT school. 

Honors and Awards (over the past four years):

Graduated Summa Cum Laude
PSAC Scholar Athlete
Dean’s List
Millersville University Decker Scholarship
Millersville University Academic Distinction
Millersville University Laurene Cassady Auker Scholarship
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
Highest GPA of all Millersville University Biology Graduates, Spring 2011
The Reverend Lewis Merwin Hobbs Medallion/Dr.Dominick and Mrs. Helen DiNunzio Award
The Antone K. Fontes Health Professions Award

Dr. Eric Brennan, DC

Eric Brennan

Present Position: King of Prusia Family Wellness Center  MU Class of 2011

How was your athletic training educational experience?

My athletic training educational experience was a rewarding challenge. The class load is hard and requires commitment. The clinical instructors at Millersville University push you and have endless information to provide you. All the instructors were extremely helpful and are dedicated to their profession. Clinical is just simply awesome! 

How did the Dual Degree Program help you achieve your goal?

The Dual Degree Program fulfilled all the requirements that I needed when deciding between Podiatric Medical Schools and Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine Schools. The demand of the program developed habits that have helped me evolve into a professional.

What advantages has the dual degree program afforded you in your present position?

Millersville University and West Chester University has prepared me clinically, as well as, required me to understand the sciences. The commitment of the professors and instructors of the dual degree program has made me confident during my continuation to become a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine. I have found that I am well prepared for the academics of medical school.

What advice would have for students considering this program?

Time management is very important if you are thinking about the program offered by Millersville University and West Chester University. It is important to understand the material not just memorize the material for the exam. Become close with your classmates and your will be seeing them every day for the next four years!

Andrew Dunn, LAT, ATC

Andrew Dunn

Present Position: Head Athletic Trainer, Cheyney University

Andrew grew up in Wilmington, DE.  He originally went to the University of Delaware as a communications major before deciding it was not for him and transfered to Millersville University where he majored in the Dual Degree Program. He is engaged to Sarah Baldi, and are to be married in May of 2012.

Why did you choose Millersville University and the dual degree program?

"I did not at first know what athletic training was, I was simply looking for a major in athletics.  After some research and discussions with athletic trainers, it sounded exactly like what I was looking for, being able to help with the care of athlete and be surrounded by sports.  The biology major appealed to me because it would make me more marketable for jobs, but also give me the pre requisites if I decide to continue my education to a higher level."

How was your athletic training educational experience?

"My athletic training education experience at Millersville was great.  There were ups and downs, but overall it was very enjoyable.  The distance learning was a little difficult to get used to at first but eventually it was no different than being in the actual classroom.  My clinical experience were all fun and exciting, and really allowed me to learn hands on rather from a textbook.  My clincal instructors were great and always willing to help and educate.  The clinicals would not have been as good of a learning experience, or as enjoyable without them."

How does the Dual Degree program effect your future options:

"The dual degree program helps both for future schooling and job opportunities.  It gives the pre requisites for medical school, PT school, PA school and others.  It also opens the job market up in terms of a teaching position or a job in a lab.  It definitely opens more doors than having a single degree."


"It is extremely important to stay on top of your classes in both the biology and athletic training and have good time managment skills.  Being ahead of the class will only help you and it will pay off in the end.  Don't just get by with the minimum.  Get into good habits with things such as record keeping, and communication with coaches and ACI's.  Practice practice practice...and don't give blisters."