Biology Course Assistance

Biology Course Assistance

Need assistance with your coursework or exam preparation? Want to make better grades?

The Biology Department is now offering numerous hours of Open Study and Open Lab each week to provide you with assistance with your biology coursework, and to provide a quiet and encouraging place to study with your peers. Each Open Study and Open Lab session is held in a Roddy or Caputo classroom reserved for group study, and each session is staffed with an Academic Peer Mentor who is willing and able to assist you with your coursework or exam preparation!

Click HERE to view the Weekly Schedule for times and locations of Biology Academic Support! 

For Open Study, the courses listed in a given time block are those for which the Academic Mentor on duty is qualified to provide assistance. So, simply find your course(s) and drop in for help or to study with your peers – no appointment necessary! 

Also, drop into an Open Lab for BIOL 101, Botany, Zoology, Cell & Developmental Biology, or Genetics to complete your lab work or review the lab material, or to get assistance with homework assignments and preparing for lecture and lab quizzes and exams!

If you need assistance for a Biology course not listed in the attached schedule, email Dr. Horton to learn about options for assistance with that course.

For more information on Biology open study or labs or to become a mentor, contact Dr. Horton