New Business Programs FAQs

  • What is the difference between a BS in business with a concentration in Accounting, Finance, Management and Marketing that we currently have and the new BS degrees in these areas?

    The new bachelor's degrees closely resemble the existing requirements, however there are significant differences to note.  First a 3-credit internship will be required for all of the new BS degrees.  Additionally, Finance, Management and Marketing majors must take an additional 6 credits of courses in their major. These changes are summarized below, and you can find the details on our programs’ webpage

    • Accounting: Students must now complete a 3-credit internship.
    • Finance: Students must now complete a 3-credit internship.
    • Management: Students must now complete MGMT 355 (Business and Society), an additional Management Elective course, and a 3-credit internship.
    • Marketing: Students must now complete MKTG 332 (Consumer Behavior), MKTG 436 (Marketing Strategy), and a 3-credit internship. 
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  • Can I switch from general business to one of these new majors?

    The answer for most business students is yes. It’s easier to do the further you are from your planned graduation date.  If you are graduating this May, you will not be able to switch.  If you are planning to graduate in December 2021 you could potentially make the switch, but will want to talk to your academic advisor to ensure you have time to also complete your internship, upper-level electives, and general education requirements.  We do not envision students graduating in May 2022 or later to have any problems with switching majors.  

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  • I’m a major in business administration with a concentration in management, marketing, finance or accounting. Should I switch to the major in my area?

    The new majors are more rigorous and completing them will ensure that you have internship experience in your field.  This could make you a more attractive candidate on the job market.  However, if you are very close to attaining your current degree and do not want to complete the additional requirements, it may be best to keep your current degree. You should strongly consider the additional requirements of the new majors and the fact that these new majors will not be active until Fall 2021.

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  • Can I major in one of the new business degrees and minor in another (for example, a major in finance and minor in marketing)?

    Yes, but there are caveats to consider.  If you choose to pursue a BS degree in Accounting, Finance, Management or Marketing, you can also minor in one of the other fields or in international business.  You may not minor in your major field; for example, you cannot be both a Marketing Major and Marketing Minor.  You also may not pursue a minor in General Business. 

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  • Can I change my major today?

    The registrar’s systems will be updated to reflect the business majors, at which point you will be able to declare your new major.  We will send you an email when this is possible.  However, there is no rush.  You just need to make the formal change prior to submitting an application for graduation. 

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  • Can I just keep my major in Business Administration with a concentration in one of these four areas?

    Yes!  It is completely your choice whether or not to switch. 

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  • Can I double major in any of the new degrees in Management, Marketing, Finance and Accounting?

    Yes, and it will be noted on your transcript that you completed the requirements for both degrees.  However, you will only receive one diploma unless you also earn 150 credits.  We recommend that you talk with your academic advisor about your earliest path to graduation in this situation. However, you cannot double major in Business Administration and one of the new business majors (for example, you will not be able to double major in Business Administration and Finance).

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