Strategic Goals


We seek to expand our current academic program with carefully identified Bachelor of Science degrees, certificate programs, online programs and other additional programs which emphasize our differential advantage.

  • Pursue Bachelor of Science degrees in niche innovative majors
  • Support and establish multidisciplinary programs in collaboration with other disciplines
  • Add industry specializations as we identify community and student interest
  • Promote certifications for students in all of our majors
  • Expand recruiting efforts – students and faculty


The College is rooted in the mission of the University.  We are committed to engaging learners by insuring that students meet the following objectives:

Each student will develop:

  • the ability to integrate across business disciplines
  • analytical and problem-solving skills
  • written and oral communication skills
  • life-long learning and professional skills in their chosen field
  • high standards of ethics and social responsibility
  • a global perspective


Excellence in teaching and scholarship is at the heart of our academic mission. Our goal is to continuously update and measure our success:

  • Improve curriculum, advising, scholarship and professional activities
  • Support online teaching
  • Explore centers and institutes
  • Enhance academic support services to promote student success


Our success depends on engaging with and serving our students, alumni, employers, the business community, benefactors and all of our stakeholders.  Our goal is to improve both career placement and alumni relations through:

  • Experiential learning
  • Extracurricular support
  • Alumni connections
  • Create and utilize an advisory board