CAE Faculty Fellows

Spring 2022 the CAE seeks applicants for the next cohort of Faculty Fellows. The CAE Faculty Fellows program will fund 10 faculty (the expectation is one course transformation per faculty), $500 in professional development funds. Funds will be distributed based on the program goals and budget, in support of their project. The source of the funding will be the Associate Provost’s Strategic Initiative Fund. No other compensation will be associated with the fellowship program. The funding must be used during the fiscal year in which it is awarded and may not rollover to the subsequent year. 

Application deadline: March 25, 2022

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Faculty interested in serving as a CAE Fellow must have participated in CAE pedagogical programming. 

Applications will be available to faculty completing one or more of the following: 

  • 3+ CAE programs during the Fall or Spring semester, including CAE TIES, CAE Inclusive Practices, and more 
  • ACUE training 
  • Pedagogy+ 
  • Faculty Learning Community (FLC) 


Description of Program:

Faculty interested in serving as a CAE Faculty Fellow will submit proposals to the CAE Coordinator who, along with the Associate Provost for Academic Administration, will review proposals and select the fellows. 

Each fellowship will hold a term of one year, will include active participation in CAE programming, and will result in publication or presentation based on the work completed. Course transformations may be collaborative, but no more than two fellows may be appointed to a single course. 

At the end of each semester, each fellow must submit a program assessment report to be reviewed by the CAE coordinator and the APAA. 

Each fellow will receive up to $500 in professional development funds, to be used in support of their project. 


  • Applications due March 25th, 2022 
    • Submissions will be reviewed by CAE Coordinator and APAA 
  • Recipients notified by March 28th, 2022 
  • Faculty Fellows will complete Learning Phase by May 13th, 2022 
    • Learning Phase report due May 30th, 2022 
  • Faculty Fellows will complete Design Phase by August 20th, 2022 
    • Faculty Fellows are expected to work with I&TS Instructional Design Summer 2022. Details will be shared with accepted Fellows.
    • Design Phase report due August 20th, 2022 
  • Faculty Fellows will complete Implementation Phase by December 15th, 2022 
    • Faculty Fellows are expected to teach their class and collect data during Fall 2022. The CAE will offer sessions, workshops, and small group meetings to support research and data collection.
    • Implementation Phase report due December 20th, 2022 
  • Faculty Fellows will complete Findings Phase by May 20th, 2023 
  • Findings Phase report due May 30th, 2023