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The Millersville University Ropes Challenge course provides a unique teaching environment, where diverse groups can experience varying levels of physical, mental, and/or emotional risks.  For a look at some of the activities watch the following videos: 

The Experience

The Ropes Challenge Course is a series of activities designed for individual and group participation regardless of age, physical limitation or ability level. Participants must navigate cables and ropes either individually or in their group. The experience is often both physically and mentally challenging. The goal of the program is to concentrate on individual and group skill development by navigating a series of activities, which involve physical and emotional risk, and succeeding (or sometimes failing) within a supportive group atmosphere. The challenges presented by the ropes activities enhance communication skills, cooperation, interpersonal awareness, leadership skills, decision-making, and trust-building.

The Facility

The Millersville University Ropes Challenge Course consists of 12 high elements and 11 low elements. These non-traditional games and activities offer a different series of cables and ropes suspended in the air between 1 and 50 feet. The high elements are 30 to 50 feet in the air and focus on individual accomplishment with support from the team down on the ground. The low elements are 1 - 10 feet off the ground and require the group to work together to solve physical and mental challenges. The combination of these high and low elements provides an ideal opportunity to build teamwork within the group.

Course Layout

Click below for a larger view of the rope course layout.

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  • Rate Information

    Millersville University Groups

    • $5/Participant - 1/2 Day Course
    • $10/Participant - Full Day Course

    Non-Profit Groups

    • $15/Participant - 1/2 Day Course
    • $25/Participant - Full Day Course

    Corporate Groups

    • $30/Participant - 1/2 Day Course
    • $50/Participant - Full Day Course
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  • Student Employment

    Interested in becoming a part of the Millersville University Ropes Course Staff? Complete the Application Form and bring it to the Campus Recreation Office in the Student Memorial Center, Room 38

  • Contact Info

    Dr. Nesbitt

    Student Memorial Center, Room 38F

    Phone: 717-871-5737

    Mailing Address:
    Campus Recreation
    Millersville Univeristy
    P.O. Box 1002
    Millersville, PA  17551-0302

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