Bull Ring

Bull Ring

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1 Bull Ring for Each Group
Two Cones for Each Group
1 Object for each group to carry (tennis balls work well)


To lift the object off the cone and transport it to the other cone without touching the object or dropping it.


Spread the strings out from the ring so that they fan away and form a larger circle. Place the ring over one of the cones. Place the object on top of the cone. Instruct the group that the object in the middle has become contaminated so that they cannot touch it. Their task is to transport the object from the one cone to the other cone without coming too close to the object or dropping it. If they drop it or come too close, they must start again.


Use body parts to process - brain for what do you think about what happened, heart for how are you feeling, feet for who did the leg work, ears for who was listening, etc.