Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

From Chris Cavert




Fun Ice Breaker - introduction to future formations


Chicken Soup - involves all players standing with arms straight down at their sides, close enough together so the arms are touching each other as if they were velcroed together.

Double Chicken Wing - is performed with both arms in a winged fashion - hands on hips, arms bent on elbows. Players move to touch elbow-to-elbow all the way around.

Flying Chicken - Finger tips to finger tips all the way around.

Chicken Dumplings - requires each player to "find their own space." This would be where everyone finds a place in the room or boundary where they have enough room to move their arms around safely without touching anyone else.

Have the group mingle around introducing themselves to each other and every so often call out one of the formations and have the group get into formation as quickly as possible. Once people understand the formation, you can use the different formations throughout the program.