Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop

Project Adventure


  • Soft throwable
  • Spot markers (two fewer than there are students in the group)

Estimated Time

20 Minutes


Gather the class into a circle. Place a spot marker at the feet of each person. Choose one person to be the Protectee and one to be the Body Guard. This activity is done in groups of about 10-15 students. For larger classes, create multiple groups but give the directions of the activity to the entire class.


Say to students, “This is a form of tag, but one in which there are three different roles to play. Ideally, each of you should experience each of the three roles. Consider what needs you have regarding taking risks as well as what others can do to help you.”


  1. Define the three roles in the game:
    • Throwers: Objective is to work together as a team to tag the protectee by throwing the ball at him or her
    • BodyGuard: To block/deflect any “tag” attempts at the Protectee
    • Protectee: To avoid contact with the ball. The BodyGuard and Protectee work as a team to prevent any hits from occurring.
  2. Throwers must have one foot on the poly spot in order to throw, and cannot step into the circle at any time.
  3. Throwers can pass the ball to anyone on their team at anytime.
  4. Throwers must throw at Protectee below the shoulders otherwise the “tag” does not count.
  5. Protectee is considered tagged if the ball hits him or her anywhere below the shoulders on a fly. Bounce shots are not a “legal” tag.
  6. Bodyguard can block the ball, but cannot throw the ball away from the Throwers.
  7. Roles will be rotated as follows: Thrower who made the “tag” becomes the Protectee, Protectee becomes the BodyGuard and the BodyGuard becomes the Thrower.


Ask students:

  • Explain which role you enjoyed the most? Why?
  • What did the protector do for you in this activity?
  • In our lives, who do we have to help “protect” us?
  • Do you have anyone whom you feel you protect? Who?
  • How does having a protector help us take more positive risks?

Safety Check

  • Be sure to use a soft throwable.
  • Emphasize throwing below shoulder height.
  • Be sure the ground is even and free of obstructions because the two middle players move around quickly.

Tips and Comments

The middle two players can become very fatigued; consider rotating positions whenever this occurs.