Chris Cross

Chris Cross

Page 127 Games for Teachers


One hula hoop for every four participants and one extra
Paper and pen or pencil for each participant


Participants start in outside hoops and, using their sheets of paper to step on, make their way into the center hoop and then to a different outside hoop then they started in.


Set up is important. The hula hoops are set up like a clock with the extra hoop in the middle. The outside hoops should be 5 good sized steps from the center hoop. If you are working on a slick floor, don't make the steps too far apart - the paper may slip out from under a long step. Note, if the participants tend to set the papers out too far, you will have to deal with the safety of this when it happens.

Gather the participants in teams of four. Give each player a sheet of paper and have them write their name on it - real big. With paper in hand, ask each "team" to position themselves by a hula hoop or shape so you can give instructions.

Give each group a copy of the following rhyme:

All in your group will start inside a hoop.
To be fleet of feet, you must use your sheet.
Each must make a loop touching the space in the center hoop.
A new place you must find to end your journey, to unwind.
If any open ground you touch, return to your starting place.
Please take care in your travels, for surely this is not a race.


Toss the rubber chicken around. Whoever has the chicken has the floor. Participants can either throw it to someone they want to hear from, or other participants who want to talk can raise their hand and talk when they receive the chicken.

Ask the group the following questions:

  1. What did it take to accomplish this task?
  2. What was frustrating about this activity?
  3. How was the group communication? Did you feel that you were listened to?
  4. What did you do well?
  5. What needs to be improved?
  6. What can you take from this activity that will help you solve future challenges?