Command Performance

Command Performance

Page 49 Executive Marbles


Copies of activity template
Numbered Name tag for everyone involved
Pen or Pencil


Meet everyone in the room


Everyone needs to have a different number starting with the number 1 and going up to the number of people in the group.

Take a pen or pencil and write your number on the first line of your Command Performance sheet. Now, number the rest of the blanks from your number up to the highest number and then start back at 1. For example, if there were 25 people in the group and I was number 23, I would start with 23 then write 24 and 25, then 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on.

Now that you have the numbers on your page, find the people with those numbers and follow the instructions on the sheet. You may start anywhere on the page and try to get through all the items in approximately 5 minutes.

Command Performance Activity Template

Place your name and number here ______________________________

Introduce yourself to __________

Shake hands with __________

Give __________ a back rub

Compliment __________ on their shoes

Describe the ways that __________ reminds you of Albert Einstein

Get __________ to laugh

Introduce __________ to someone else in the room

Compare arm spans with __________

Tell __________ what animal you admire the most

Do a quick magic trick for __________

Give high five to __________

Point your finger at __________

Maintain a straight face in front of __________ for 3 seconds

Ask __________ what their favorite ice cream flavor is

Sing a song to __________

Wink at __________ so that they can see you

Sneak up behind __________

Stick your tongue at __________ so that they can see you