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Community Box

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One roll of masking tape and 12 sheets of paper


To get everyone to exchange places with the people on the opposite side of the playing area


Set up the playing area - one large rectangle with two 2' X 2' squares somewhere in the middle. Split the group into four smaller teams, each team standing outside one side of the boundary area. Give each team three sheets of paper. The objective is for the teams on opposite sides to exchange places, as quickly as possible, without stepping on the floor or ground when inside the rectangle. Here are other parameters:

  1. The boundary areas and squares may not be moved in any way.
  2. No more than three feet may be no any sheet of paper at one time.
  3. The squares inside the area are safe zones (you can step inside them) but once utilized, they must always be occupied by two people within a reasonable amount of time (someone stepping in as someone is stepping out), or the square is lost.
  4. Loss of human contact with any sheet of paper results in the loss of the paper. Any
  5. momentary loss of contact, take away the resource.
  6. You may not enter the rectangle from any other side than the one you started on.
  7. You may only exit through the opposite side from where you started.
  8. You may not "scoot" or "ski" across the rectangle.
  9. No jumping - an unsafe process.
  10. Paper cannot be thrown - it violates rule #4.
  11. If anyone fails to follow any of the parameters, they must go back to their starting side.


  1. What sort of planning took place?
  2. Was there any sharing of ideas?
  3. Is copying good, bad or cheating?
  4. What was the reaction to losing a resource? Who was blamed? How did they feel? How did the group feel?
  5. Were you working together?
  6. Is there a way you could all work together to be more successful?
  7. How does this activity fit into the overall scheme of the day?