Compass Walk

Compass Walk

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Orange Cone
One poly spot


Present the group with two experiential examples of independent versus team performance. First time - individuals try to find a spot by themselves on the ground while blind, mute. Second time - the team tries to find the spot while blind.


Place spot with cone on top of it approximately 30 yards from where the group is starting their journey.

Everyone needs to line up along the starting line so that they can see the cone across the field/gym. You will be trying to find the spot that is under the cone. A facilitator will remove the cone from the spot after everyone is blindfolded, but the spot will not be moved.

On your individual journey, you must go blindly, silently, alone and with your hands in front of you so that you won't bump into anyone or anything. The facilitators will be spotting for you so you don't walk off a cliff or anything, but there are so many of you compared to us, that we may yell "Stop!" Stop means just freeze where you are and wait until you hear "Go!" or get informed of some hazard that may lie ahead of you.

As soon as you feel as if you are as close to the spot as you think you will get (without necessarily touching it), take off your blindfold, and remain silent until everyone has stopped. THIS IS NOT A RACE!!!

Take a look around ... see where you are and where everyone else is in relation to the goal. Let's gather around the spot and talk about your strategies.

After discussion give the team 5 minutes to come up with a plan for doing the activity again, this time they are allowed to talk to each other and help each other find the spot.