Fun Ice Breaker - introduction to speeds for tag games


Get the group in a circle. Identify a boundary that is about twice as big as the group when they are very close to each other. Ask the group how they interact with people on an elevator - avoid eye contact, don't talk, mind your own business. With bumpers up, hands fingers up, palms out about chest level, people are going to walk in a confined space without bumping into each other. Tell the group that you are going to see how well they differentiate different speeds of movement. Indicate speed level one - very slow walking - have the group walk slowly within the boundary making sure they don't bump into anyone else. Slowly increase the speed - speed level two is a little faster, etc. until you get to level 5 which is very fast. You can now judge what speed level to do other activities - i.e. if you want medium walking speed you tell the group to use speed level 2.