Exchanging Knots

Exchanging Knots

Inspire! Ice Breakers & Openers


A length of rope for every 2 people


For each small group to create a knot for the next group to untangle.

Set Up

Separate the larger group into smaller groups of the same size. Have the groups form an asterisk on the ground with their ropes.


Have each player take one end of a rope having the group lift the asterisk off of the ground. At this point, everyone must hang on to their rope until instructed to let go. Each small group will now create a nice tangled knot in the middle of the asterisk by having players go up, around, over, through, between and so on. They will be given 90 seconds or so to create the knot. Let them know that they do not need to pull the knot tight. After the designated time, have each group set down their knot and then rotate to a different knot to untie - one player per rope end and not letting go of the rope end during the process. After each group has untied their knot, have them make another knot for the next round. This time, when the group leaves their knot, they leave behind one member of the group who is the expert to assist the next group to untie their knot.