Bag of Tricks: "Gas Attack"

Bag of Tricks: "Gas Attack"

by Karl Rhonke

I assume everyone has a balloon in hand after having played either "Balloon Frantic" or "Boop". If not, ask everyone to inflate a 12 inch balloon and tie it off. Don't spare the air. What's the use of under-inflating a decent sized balloon?

The object of this humorously aggressive game is to use your balloon (with associated contained gas) to attack another player's balloon in an attempt to strike that player's balloon to the ground (count that as a score for you).


  • To strike another player's balloon to the ground, you must hit their balloon with your balloon.
  • Holding your balloon to hit another player's balloon is absolutely not allowed. You must hit your balloon with such skill and determination that it strikes your opponent's balloon squarely, driving it toward the ground.
  • If your balloon makes contact with the ground because of an errant hit on your part, subtract one point from your score.
  • After the start, no balloon can be held at any time.
  • Each successful scoring strike is usually accompanied by an aggressive shout of "SCORE".
  • Each errant ground touch is punctuated with a loud declamation of "OH, NO!"
  • You may not score twice in a row against an opponent.


  • Keep a couple inflated balloons at hand to act as quick replacements for the inevitable BOOMERS that result via the vagaries of those things that cause balloons to burst.
  • No physical contact with other players allowed. Inadvertent bumps are inevitable, but if overly aggressive players start grabbing and pushing to gain an advantage, do or say something about it.
  • Ask about individual scores after the game to see who's more interested in winning than playing.
  • Play Team Gas Attack by distributing different colored balloons: red team, green team, etc., then follow the same rules as above.
  • If there's not a lot of good-natured laughter occurring while the game is being played, something's wrong.