Marbles And Tubes

Marbles and Tubes

Page Teamwork and Team Play


A tube for each participant
8 - 10 marbles


To get all the marbles from the starting point to the finish line without touching them or dropping them


Ask the group to grab a tube. Ask the group for some challenges that are facing them throughout the workshop. Each challenge will be represented by a marble.

Once you have enough challenges, explain to the group that they need to move the marbles from the starting point to the finish point with the following rules:

  1. Participants cannot touch the marbles once they have passed the starting point.
  2. Participants may only touch their own tube.
  3. Everyone must be involved in the process of transporting the marbles.
  4. If someone touches a marble, or if a marble touches the floor, that marble must go back to the starting point.
  5. The activity is complete when the group has solved all the challenges (moved all the marbles to the finish point).


Have everyone think of a color that expresses how they are feeling about the group. Go around the circle asking everyone to tell their color and what it represents.