Mine Field

Mine Field



Blindfolds if you choose to use them.
A long rope for a boundary
Lots of Objects


For team members to lead their blindfolded partners through the mine field without them stepping on an object.

Set Up

Place the rope on the ground where the group cannot see it in an oblong shape. Place the objects inside the rope boundary. The objects are now the mines. Use webbing or small rope to make an identifiable entrance at one end of the mine field and an exit at the other end.


Have the group get partners. If an odd number in the group have one group of three. Ask one of the partners to blindfold themselves or close their eyes (I have them close their eyes for emotional and physical safety - they can open their eyes quickly if they need to). The other partner leads the blindfolded partner around the building for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, switch partners. Bring the sighted partner to the mine field and give the following directions: You must lead your partner over to the mine field. Once they have entered the mine field, you can no longer touch them. You cannot go in the mine field, you must stay on the outside of the rope boundary. The objects on the ground are mines. Any time they touch one of the mines, they must turn around completely once before they can proceed. You must guide them through the mine field safely picking up an identified object along the way. Identify an object for each blindfolded person to retrieve. Partners must enter through the entrance and exit only through the exit.


This activity lends itself to all sorts of discussion about communication. Did the partners understand each other? Did they move in the right direction when asked? Did they have a common frame of reference?