Moon Ball

Moon Ball

Chris Cavert


Inflatable Orb


Keep the orb in the air.


Each time the orb is hit the team gains a point. One player may not hit the orb twice in a row. When the orb lands on the floor or ground the round is over. The group is allowed several attempts to reach the highest possible point total for one round. For a greater challenge, a player may not hit the orb again until every other player in the group has hit it. Another challenge it to use 2 inflatable orbs adding the points of the orbs together. Another challenge is once a player uses a part of her or his body to hit the orb, that part of the body can no longer be used to hit the orb during that round of play - by that player. As parts of the body get used up the play becomes more challenging. All players regain full use of their body after the orb touches the ground.