Old One Tooth

Old One Tooth

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1 noodle per group of 6 - 10 people


For the front person to tag the person at the end of the line with the noodle


Old "One Tooth" was one of the oldest snakes to have ever lived in Texas. He got the name One Tooth because of his one fang that jutted out the front of his mouth. History has it that he bit a rock in his younger years and the rock broke one of his fangs and straightened the other. It was around that time that One Tooth discovered he was near sighted. Normally, vision is a vital sense to have in the wilderness, but old One Tooth lived to be old because of his quick reflexes and his "strike first and ask questions later" policy. Unfortunately, he has often mistaken his own tail for a meal.

This game is going to require you to be in a line holding on to each other. The person in the front of the line will hold the noodle. The last person in the line will be trying to avoid being hit by the noodle at the front of the line. Line up in groups of six - ten people and hold on to the waist of the person in front of you. When I say "Go," the person in the front of the line will try to tag the back of the last person in line. If the line disconnects, everyone stop, get connected and then start again. When the back-side of the player at the end of the line is tagged, or when the person at the front of the line has had enough, stop and let the front person go to the back of the line and the next person in front becomes the front of the line with the noodle.