Pass The Noodle

Pass the Noodle

From Chris Cavert


9 pool noodles with 3 different colors - half noodles work well


Fun Ice Breaker


Get the group in a circle. Tell the group that they are going to pass the noodles around the circle without using their hands. Start with red noodles. Red noodles must be passed using the armpit to the left. Get three red noodles going around to the left. Once the noodles have made it more than once around the group, stop the group where they are. Introduce the green noodles. Green noodles must be passed using the chin to the right. Get the red noodles and the green noodles going around the circle. Once they have made it around more than once, introduce the blue noodles. Blue noodles go between the knees and can go in either direction.