Marbles And Tubes

Marbles and Tubes

Page 115 Feeding the Zircon Gorilla


Rope for Finish Line
Polaroid or Digital Camera (optional)


Everyone on the team crosses the finish line at exactly the same time.


Everyone must start behind the starting line and go toward the finish line and cross the finish line at exactly the same time. If someone finishes before or after anyone else, the whole team tries again from behind the starting line. The team has an unlimited number of tries.


Being the first initiative, keep processing minimal.

Ask the group the following questions:

  1. What did it take to accomplish this task?
  2. Did you think it was easy or hard? What did you think before the first attempt?
  3. How was the group communication?
  4. What did you do well?
  5. What needs to be improved?
  6. What can you take from this activity that will help you solve future challenges?