Quad Jam

Quad Jam

Chris Cavert


Rope if you can stake it down or tape or lines on the floor that form a square
At least 4 players per side of the square


Players must move around the square without loosing contact to the rope/tape/line.

Set Up

Have the group stand on the square with equal numbers on each side of the square.


Any time a players feet (or foot) is on the ground, it must have rope/tape/line under it. Any foot to ground touches that don't have tape under them will result in the entire group starting from each player's original position. Here are the challenges for the group:

  1. Walk around the square and return to your starting position.
  2. Ask each player to look, and then point, at the spot in the square directly across from them (standing on one of the taped sides facing the center of the square). The challenge is to get to that spot in the square without touching the untaped ground (No it's not the same as the first challenge).
  3. Give each taped side a number in clockwise order. Then challenge the small groups on sides 1 and 2 to switch places - each player ending up in the same position on the new side as their original side. Challenge sides 3 and to do the same.
  4. Challenge the small groups on sides 2 and 4 to change positions with sides 1 and 3 ending in the same player order on the new side.
  5. Have everyone close their eyes and repeat number 1.