MSEM Communications Track

About the Track

Millersville University’s Master of Science in Emergency Management (MSEM) degree requires 30 credit hours of study. The curriculum for the Communication Track within the MSEM Program consists of 15 credit hours of communication courses and 15 credit hours of MSEM courses. The Communication Track requires students to take five graduate courses from the Department of Communication and Theatre, including three required courses and two electives. Since the MSEM is an online program, all communication courses will be offered completely online, with synchronous component in each course for faculty and student interaction, discussions, group work and individual projects. Courses will be offered year around, with flexibility to accommodate those with demanding schedules.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand and learn important communication theories, principles, methods, literature and sources in crisis, emergency, and risk communication.

2. Recognize and employ relevant knowledge and skills in dealing with real-world communication problems during crisis and emergency situations.

3. Analyze and discuss how digital technologies, social forces, historical contexts, and political factors are interconnected with communication practices in crisis and risk communication.

4. Identify and demonstrate sophisticated skills when addressing diverse populations (such as people of different educational levels, cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, vulnerable publics, and those who have experienced trauma) and different communication contexts (such as organizational, interpersonal, group, mediated, social-economic, and local-global contexts).

5. Critically examine existing literature and case studies from scientific, communication, and transdisciplinary perspectives and conduct research in related fields.

6. Develop and become emergency managers who seek greater currency in communication and become practitioners who need the abilities to advocate for best practices.

Communication Courses

  • Applied Communication
  • Communication Research
  • Crisis, Emergency and Risk Communication
  • Digital Advocacy
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Health Communication