Testing Requirements

Millersville Certification (Praxis) Tests Registration Instructions

These instructions are specifically for persons who are seeking certification through Millersville University.

You may register online at www.ets.org/praxis. You must list Millersville University as a score recipient #2656.

General Registration Instructions for All Tests

The registration form/bulletin is on the Praxis website. It can be printed and mailed or you can register online.

Please be sure to provide your Social Security number. If you do not provide it, your scores cannot be processed electronically and may cause delays at MU or PDE.

You will not have a Candidate ID number if this is your first time taking an exam. This number will be assigned to you on your score report after your first exam. Once ETS has assigned you an ID number it will be helpful if you retain that number for future registrations.

Only one (1) test date can be listed per form or online registration. A separate registration is needed for each test date.

A list of the Test Center codes can be found online. Millersville's code is 01728.

Read the list of PA requirements carefully (test code number and title) online. You may take only one 2-hour test per session. You may take one or two 1-hour tests per session. The first number of the test code indicates the session number. There are TWO test sessions on each test date.

The test list under "registration" notes the session number and length of the test.

Attending Institution/Recipient Code Lists can be found online. Millersville's code for both the A and R entries is 2656. You must enter 2656 in the one R box.  Millersville University will not be able to send your application for certification to the PA Department of Education until the Certification Office receives your official score from ETS.  (If you take the tests in another state or at a military reservation, you must also put the PA State Department of Education, 8033, in one R box.)

The Passing Score State/Agency Codes can be found online. You want the passing scores for PA, 8033.

Major and Certification Field codes can also be found online. If your major is listed under two sections, use the code in the education subject area.

To determine the fee for each test, refer to the test list found online under "registration."

Test at a Glance study guides are available at www.ets.org/praxis.

For Persons Receiving Their First PA Instructional Certificate

Note: You cannot take all of the tests on one day. You will need a registration for each test date.

Everyone must take PPST Writing, PPST Reading, and PPST Mathematics. [Computerized PPST tests (writing, Reading, & Math) are available however the cost is higher.]

All K-6 and K-12 certification areas (Art, Early Childhood, Elementary, Foreign Language, I.A./Tech. Ed., Music, Special Education) must also take Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge.

Each certification area requires an additional Specialty Area Test (see above list).

Anyone who student taught before Fall 2003 must also take one of the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) tests, K-6 (Elem. & E. Ch.) or 7-12 (Sec. Ed.). If your certification area is K-12 (Art, Foreign Language, I.A./Tech. Ed., Music, Special Education) you may take either one.

For Persons Being Certified in More Than One Certification Area

The specialty area test must be taken for each area in which certification is sought. The first number of the test code indicates the session number. If the first numbers are the same for two or more tests, each test must be taken on a separate test date with an additional registration fee. You will need a registration for each test date. (Example--Elementary and Early Childhood specialty area tests must each be taken on separate test dates.)

For Persons Adding an Area of Certification to a Current Certificate

You only need to take the specialty area test.