Green Dot Training

Student Green Dot Training

The goal of Green Dot is to implement a bystander intervention strategy that prevents and reduces power-based personal violence. Power-based violence includes: sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. A Green Dot is a behaviour, choice, or action that promotes safety for everyone on campus.

*Register Today for our next Student training session: April 13, 2023

Location: McComsey Ford Atrium 4-7pm

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Employee Green Dot Training

*Register today for our next Employee training session: April 3, 2023

Location: SMC 18 9-10am

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Already Green Dot Trained?

Proactive Green Dots are behavious, choices, or actions we can do to make it less likely red dots will ever happen. Put your Green Dot knowledge and active bystander skills to use and volunteer to staff a Green Dot table at various MU events this spring. CHEP will provide the activity, giveaways, and information for the table. We just need YOU to help staff the table and interact with students and employees who walk by.

*Volunteer today - various dates and times available.

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Contact CHEP: / 717-871-4143