Stall Talk

Stall Talk

A one-page biweekly health bulletin and the most popular publication on campus, Stall Talk can be found throughout the academic year in the restroom stalls of resident halls and other high-traffic areas. It's informative, fun, and downright convenient.

Many campus offices and student clubs make requests to publish announcements in Stall Talk. But, due to the large volume of requests, we do not incorporate outside announcements unless they are directly related to the work we are doing in the Wellness and Women’s Center. It is difficult to turn down so many people because there are always worthwhile programs and events taking place on campus. But, the main purpose of Stall Talk is to educate the campus about health issues and promote the services we provide.

If you have a question concerning Stall Talk please contact the editor,Jayme Trogus at

Fall 2018 Editions

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Edition 2

Edition 3