MUCS Secure Connections

MUCS Secure Connections

Why would I access a remote machine with SSH/SFTP?

SSH/SFTP is used to connect your computer to another computer or server securely. It is most often used with Unix servers so that you can work from your own computer as if you were sitting right at the remote computer. The session runs on your computer, but the information is processed on the remote computer.

How do I access a remote machine with SSH/SFTP?
On a Windows machine using PuTTY or MobaXterm, on a Macintosh computer using the Terminal software.

Students connecting to the CS network using Macintosh OS X do not require any special software. Use the provided Terminal application in /Applications/Utilities and type: 


Use the scp command to copy files.

Alternative SSH Connection - MobaXterm

MobaXterm is an amazing program that allows you to SSH, SFTP, and Graphical applications run from the lab. Here is a link to a video showing how to accomplish some of these tasks. **Keep in mind, some of these activities can be slow. Speed is directly related to your internet connection at home and current network traffic on campus**

MobaXterm Demo Video 

Linux Lab Machine Hostnames

If you have any questions about secure connections to the CS network, please contact Todd. 

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