Strong & MBTI Combined

Strong & MBTI Combined

Strong and MBTI Combined Career Report

Combined Strong and MBTI will be available to students on an optional, as needed basis, following the initial meeting with a career counselor.  The administrative fee for the Combined Strong and MBTI is $30.  This fee covers the cost of the assessments, follow up materials and staff licensure costs.

What is it?

The combined Strong and MBTI career report integrates your Strong Profile occupational themes, interest scales, occupational scales and personal style scales with your MBTI preference results.  The combined career report is especially helpful for individuals who have limited occupational experience and difficulty identifying their career interests.

How long does it take?

You will be taking both the Strong and MBTI: the combined time for both assessments takes 55 – 60 minutes.

How do I register? 

A career counselor must give you access to the assessment. The administrative fee ($30) must be paid by check, in order to complete the registration process. 

  • To pay by check, bring a $30 check or money order, payable to Millersville University, to the Bedford House. 

You will receive instructions by email on how to take your Strong and MBTI.